New tool (3.1): FastTracker XM exporter

Provides a File menu option to export your Renoise mods as FastTracker XM format (samples only, a lot more retro than Renoise).

This one is in a very early stage of development and probably won’t get much better in the near future, but it’s 100% lua and it serves quite well as a first stage of an interactive conversion. You can grab the xrnx for 3.1 here.

To use, just open up Renoise, load a module, then click File->Export XM…

Known problems: it doesn’t translate effects at all yet. And it doesn’t tune instruments properly. And if you’re not using simple sample-based instruments it won’t happen. It fits in my workflow as the link between composing using Renoise and fixing the bugs using MilkyTracker.

If anyone wants to fork and hack on it (github link above) then feel free to ask questions.

I should add… for anyone that finds themselves in need of an XM exporter, is another alternative. It’s based on the BASS libraries and is probably a lot better in practice. However I found the install process for OSX totally unfathomable and wanted a more satisfying challenge.