New tool (3.1): GuttRoll - Pattern editing for Guitar Players

(weedwalker) #21

new functionality and polish added.

have fun and report any problems.

i want to make this real good.

(weedwalker) #22

this new version should be much more responsive. the string clicking was a bit laggy before.

I think thats it with features. it is perty usable as it is now.

i dont know if its my call but this is probably RC 1

pls report anything

(robohymn) #23

This is awesome. Will let you know if I encounter any bugs. Thanks for this tool!

(gimmeapill) #24

That’s a far better idea than a piano roll :wink:

(trueschool) #25

Hey @weedwalker, Just a note to say THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for this excellent plugin! It really helps me translate my guitar knowledge into Renoise and quickly build songs.

I’d be happy to drop a few bucks in the tip jar to support continued development – do you have a Patreon or a PayPal or something?

Between this and ChordGun, my songs are coming out so much better!

(weedwalker) #26

hey there, good to see someone using my Tool!
I do not have a paypal or anything by now. I’d probably set something up if
i would get back to work on GuttRoll.

Feel free to suggest some new features or whatever you have in mind.

(Jesse Schilling) #27

I have not used the tool, as I personally have no use for it (not a guitar player). But, having just stumbled upon it, it is awesome. I had no idea this existed and its pretty darn unique for a DAW. I know a couple of people that would probably jump on the Renoise train due solely to the existence of this tool.

Good stuff.