New Tool (3.1) Match Instrument To Track Name

This tool matches instruments with tracks by automatically selecting the instrument with same name as currently focused track.

com.pandabot.MatchInstrumentToTrackName.xrnx (2.0 KB)


Thank you sir

Nice!!Great work thank you

Ooh, simple and perfect.

I’m already doing that thing - naming tracks after instruments, so it will work on a lot of existing songs. Nice!

@pandabot: do you accept feature suggestions, or modifications to the source code of this tool?

I’ve been making heavy use of it in my latest song, taking dozens of samples and putting each one in their own track.

And I really miss a couple of details -

  1. The ability to “initialize” a track with the selected instrument.

Basically, assign the instrument name - saves me from having to do this manually.

(could warn if a given track already has that name, offer to be taken there, assign anyway, etc.)

  1. The ability to detect if a group track carries the instrument name.

This allows me to use the same instrument on multiple (grouped) tracks,

something I often do - especially when samples are going through different DSP chains

(I guess it should look upwards in the track hierarchy until reaching the first matching name).

Anyway, awesome tool :slight_smile:

I’m working on different things right now, but yeah of course feel free to modify the source code to do these things :slight_smile:


Great idea!

One slight issue, I don’t see it in the tools section…

I asked for access to post on the tools section but was told to post on the forums, now with this new forum all of my tools are gone. This tool was previously available as an attachment link on the original post of this thread. You’ll have to ask the admins what happened to the post attachments, they seem to have been stripped away during the migration.


Manually added them back now. See first post…