New Tool (3.1): Paketti (now compatible with Renoise v3.4.3)

thanks! this is a really cool collection of tools/hotkeys, i cant wait to give it a try!

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i found a bug with joule jump to previous column that occurs when trying to jump to a previous column from the first column.


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Thanks, @eight_trax ! I added a local rns = - and i’m trying it out right now.

That was a quick fix.
Grab the new build from here:
Releases · esaruoho/org.lackluster.Paketti.xrnx · GitHub (topmost one).

hope this helps!
thanks for reporting an issue, i really appreciate it!

downloaded and tested it out, works as expected! im exploring the options today so i’ll see if i can find anything else :face_with_monocle:

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Hi, I’ve updated Paketti (Renoise 3 compatible version) with

0G01 Loader.
Once you enable it, any time you load a sample to a new Instrument Box slot, it will automatically result in the creation of a new track, and the instrument will start playing, and the effect column will have a 0G01 (which means if you have a 20 minute sample, and the pattern has 4 rows, all 20 minutes of it will play until it finishes playing, after which the instrument will start playing from the beginning) - there’s a menu entry for this and a preference entry for this in Paketti Preferences

Random 60-180 BPM Preference:
If you open up the Paketti Preferences, you can set whether this menu entry or keybinding will actually output the BPM to the Master Effect Column (thus allowing for multiple patterns to have different tempos, depending on what you’re like).

These are both stored as preferences, so if you open Paketti Preferences, you’ll see this:

the newest build is on GitHub at

i’ll keep looking at re-implementing stuff and bringing stuff in and organizing it better.

this “getting something as a setting in Preferences” was a big deal for me, as I’d like to keep continuing with it.

One additional thing is this:
it allows for loading multiple renoise devices to the same track, or adding them as screenshots (unfortunately this is experimental, and will be overwritten on each restart or load song, as i have not figured out how to make them as settable preferences as of yet…)

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here’s a bunch of new shortcut/other features:

Send + MultiSend devices now follow Paketti-specific Presets (“Keep audio, set send volume to 0%”)
BPM +5
BPM -5
Computer Keyboard Velocity +16
Computer Keyboard Velocity -16
Random BPM proper (never repeats)
Inspect Plugin
Inspect Device
Selected Sample Exit Loop Note-Off Toggle, On, Off
Main Menu entry ordering / rejig
reintroduced play at 75% and at 100% bpm

Wipe Slices 128 for menu entry and keybinds
Midi Mapping 002 004 008 016 032 064 128 for wipe&slices

Pattern Editor
Expand + Shrink shortcuts no longer shoot errors if no selection exists in pattern editor
Capslok no longer shoots an error if in Effect Column, Group Track, Master Track or Send Track.

Selected Sample in Instrument:
Panning -0.05
Panning +0.05
Volume +0.05
Volume -0.05
Finetune +5
Finetune -5
Set Mod None
Set Mod 1
Set Mod 2
Set Mod 3
Set Mod 4
Set Mod 5
Set Mod 6
Set Mod 7
Set Mod 8
Set FX None
Set FX 1
Set FX 2
Set FX 3
Set FX 4
Set FX 5
Set FX 6
Set FX 7
Set FX 8
Disable AutoFade Selected Sample
Enable AutoFade Selected Sample
Toggle AutoFade Selected Sample
All Samples in Instrument:
Set Mod None ALL
Set Mod 1 ALL
Set Mod 2 ALL
Set Mod 3 ALL
Set Mod 4 ALL
Set Mod 5 ALL
Set Mod 6 ALL
Set Mod 7 ALL
Set Mod 8 ALL
Set FX None ALL
Set FX 1 ALL
Set FX 2 ALL
Set FX 3 ALL
Set FX 4 ALL
Set FX 5 ALL
Set FX 6 ALL
Set FX 7 ALL
Set FX 8 ALL
Disable AutoFade ALL
Enable AutoFade ALL
Toggle AutoFade ALL


If I do my job right, a user of my tool will not necessarily give a shit about some of the shortcuts I provide… And that’s perfectly fine. I don’t bind all of them all the time. But I do like having them around.

I’m currently trying to solve the “Which AU,VST,VST3 EFX and AU,VST,VST3 Instrument Plugins and Native EFX should be available as shortcuts” issue, i.e. “how to use preferences.xml within a script to create shortcuts and maintain them”. I already have it kinda working from the POV of “be able to select and add plugins/efx as shortcuts” - but unfortunately the minute i quit the app, load a song, or restart the app, the shortcuts are lost - and that’s not the point of shortcuts.

If I could figure out how to do it in a clever way, I’d definitely move to it. But there are some hidden shortcut preferences I’m gonna keep for myself - i.e. booting up a reverb with a 300Hz highpass, that kind of stuff.

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update pushed to GitHub
Now there’s Paketti Preferences for Wipe & Slice - you get to define if you want Autoseek, One-Shot, which LoopMode and which BeatSyncMode. The Mute Group 1 + NNA Cut are auto-set.

If y’all want, I could also make the NNA settings + Mute Groups configurable, would be easy to do.

It also sets Interpolation to Sinc, Playback AutoFade and OverSampling Interpolation by default.


It’s got my vote :raising_hand_man:t5:

Working on it

i wanna add one more thing to Wipe & Slices Settings and then it’ll be finished and I can push the updated version to GitHub. Still tweaking.

did add NNA + MuteGroup control. but not yet in GitHub.

currently looks like this

still holding off from posting an update since working on about 10+ other things for Paketti which i all wanna finish before it’s time to post a regular proper update. ( there’s stuff in my to-do-list here: Issues · esaruoho/org.lackluster.Paketti.xrnx · GitHub )

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i am working on a trick that destructively destroys your current keybindings.xml and overwrites them with paketti.
if i can get that working, then i can probably work out some sort of “add Paketti shortcuts” into keybindings mix.

could you tell me, @revo11 - if you’re using macOS or Windows (or Linux)? my stuff will mostly work out of the box with macOS - and i can share my current KeyBindings if that’s of some use?

hi, i can confirm that Paketti for Renoise 3 does exists

Screenshot 2024-05-06 at 13.24.42

i’ve added shortcuts for loading modulation devices per system (volume, panning, pitch, cutoff, resonance, drive) - but selecting different modulation device “lanes” does not seem to be possible. i do have modulation groups and fx group selecting per sample or per instrument, available, if that’s what you’re after.

i’m looking at “next effect column” now and gonna reply a bit more when i read the rest of your responses regards that

hi, i took your post and added it to my github

will go through the features and will of course try to introduce the “jump to next / prev effect column”, as that does sound like a useful thing to do.

hi i added your requests as a ticket to my github so it’ll be easier to look at it when i get around to it.

if you have something to add to it, please leave a comment or a few, thanks!

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i fully understand this. i can provide this as a preference. like “whenever you use Paketti PitchBend Loader, set LoopMode Forward”. that way you can pick a sample with the Loader, and it’ll autoLoop. it’s a great idea.

hi. i think i get this now.
Screenshot 2024-05-07 at 23.29.50
Screenshot 2024-05-07 at 23.30.01
Screenshot 2024-05-07 at 23.30.11
Screenshot 2024-05-07 at 23.30.21

these are already in Paketti. i hope this helps.

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sorry, going through a massive endeavour related to beginner questions and ideas&feature requests.

i’m also maintaining a changeslog for the new update, but it’ll take me a while.

Take your time. Your work is very much appreciated :pray:t5:

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