New Tool (3.1): Paketti (now compatible with Renoise v3.4.3)

EDIT2: Tune onto Discord for updates - Lackluster / Esa Ruoho / HLER / Paketti (Renoise tool)
EDIT: newest versions (not) always at Releases · esaruoho/org.lackluster.Paketti.xrnx · GitHub

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Paketti is a multi-purpose tool. There are currently to the tone of 800 different keybindings, midimappings and menu entries included in it.

There are tent-pole features that definitely require videos for explaining, and I’m always open for a quick Google Meet call to demo some of the new and forthcoming features. NOTE: if they’re new (as of today, for instance), they might not be in the /releases yet).

You can also post feature requests to Sign in to GitHub · GitHub or issues.


Aww I really miss this one - unfortunately, Renoise 3 does not seem to allow for Expanded Disk Browser - which is a right shame. I really want this back but not sure how to get this in.

thanks. nice key combos.

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Ok, working on improvements:
implements (but not yet uploaded to the server)

  • F2 triple action. first sets to PAttern editor + adv.edit menu + upper frame, lower frame. then press F2 again, upperframer+lowerframe and adv.edit menu vanish.

  • F2 and F3 speak to eachother (after a fashion… this is to kind of try and replicate ImpulseTracker behaviour, but not really. the objective: F2 at it’s “full-mode” is pattern editor with nothing displaying but the pattern editor. then when you press F3, F3 function detects: ok, you have f2-minimal-mode on, let’s give you f3-minimal-mode (expanded disk browser only). press F2 again, f2 detects, oh, we’re coming from f3-minimal-mode, go to f2-minimal-mode…) sound messy? sure. mix this with others and who knows what will happen.

while in this stripped down mode, the loadvst function has been altered in such a way that it no longer forces the lower frame to pop up. this means that you can keep on adding new vst/au efx, without the MaximizedSpectrum view, for instance, getting destroyed by the addition of a lower frame.

this coupled in with ViZiON’s “I want shortcuts to select 1-16 tracks” means one can keyjazz in the blind while having the spectrum semi-fullscreen.

still no specific progress with the other end of what vizion wanted (the notifier-based “change to next notecolum after note has been sent in by user”). . .

but anyway.

upon testing Paketti on my Windows machine, I realized that I have to provide for both VST and AU plugins (especially the ones I already use, i.e. Fusion Field, OhmBoyz, Syntorus, W1, Toraverb, Hematohm, Predatohm, ValhallaShimmer, ValhallaRoom, FabFilter One, TransientShaper, Tal Dub Delay III, KTGranulator, FabFilter Pro-Q.

the next step would be to try and do a combination of LFO & Filter so that they auto-load with one shortcut.

To be perfectly honest, I definitely think you should remove these shortcuts from the public release of Paketti.

I personally do not have any of these plugins installed, and even though other people will probably have some of them installed, I still do not think it’s appropriate for a tool to show favouritism towards such a limited range of plugins. These plugins are clearly your favourites and nobody elses, so why include them in a tool that’s intended to appeal to many different people?

You can still create a tool that makes it easy to load a user’s favourite plugins, but you should at least provide some kind of way to define what those favourite plugins are. In other words, your tool should provide a method to say ‘Plugin X is a favourite’ and then assign ‘Load Plugin X’ to some custom keyboard shortcut.

As a user of your tool, right now I don’t really give a shit about any of the plugin shortcuts you’ve added. :)

well, the solution Koppi had was to just create a tool which creates shortcuts for each and every native meta/efx (which, btw, are in Paketti, too), and also reads the VST/AU. I decided to not go that way, since at least back then, it was a clunky solution made clunky by i guess something related to the API not going as fast as it could have. If it however functions better nowadays, I might just take what he wrote and slam it in, since it would solve my own PC/Mac issues too.

and as it goes to native fx:

Track Devices  
∿ Load Exciter   
∿ Load Multitap   
∿ Load Repeater   
∿ Load Meta/Hydra   
∿ Load Meta/Instr. Automation   
∿ Load Meta/Instr. MIDI Control   
∿ Load Meta/Key Tracker   
∿ Load Meta/LFO Shift + L  
∿ Load Meta/Mixer   
∿ Load Meta/Signal Follower   
∿ Load Meta/Velocity Tracker   
∿ Load Meta/XY Pad   
∿ Load #ReWire Input   
∿ Load #Send   
∿ Load Bus Compressor   
∿ Load Cabinet Simulator   
∿ Load Chorus   
∿ Load Comb Filter   
∿ Load Compressor   
∿ Load DC Offset Shift + Command + D  
∿ Load Delay   
∿ Load Distortion   
∿ Load EQ 10 Shift + Q  
∿ Load EQ 5   
∿ Load Filter Shift + Command + F  
∿ Load Flanger   
∿ Load Gate   
∿ Load LofiMat   
∿ Load Maximizer Shift + M  
∿ Load Mixer EQ   
∿ Load mpReverb   
∿ Load Phaser   
∿ Load Reverb   
∿ Load RingMod   
∿ Load Scream Filter   
∿ Load Stereo Expander   
∿ Load #Line Input Shift + I  
∿ Load Gainer Shift + G  
∿ Load #Multiband Send Shift + S  

Oh yeah, one more detail: Paketti defaults to opening up in Renoise in such a way, that it forcibly starts at Global View Preset#1. I’ve mapped my Global View Preset#1 to look like this:
(image missing)

since global view presets don’t have any control over instrument box size/track dsp loader size / instrument settings tab, Paketti sets instrument settings tab#1 (samples) by default from now on. hopefully with new api updates, one will be able to starts really customizing the gui (i would hide the track dsp loader on the left by default, f.ex., and maximized spectrum would auto-hide both phase-meter and instrument-box smile.gif

edit : there doesn’t seem to be a way to use Renoise API to set the Disk Browser tab in R3. Unfortunately.

Well, since AU’s pose difficulties with Renoise (they are read as a 1234:1234 type shortnames), I will rip all of Koppi’s moreshortcuts generator and see what happens with the AU names nowadays. If they’re still a jumble, maybe i won’t use the AU auto-generator at all, since not everyone can figure out which AUeffect or AU-instrument it is out of the 8 characters they are presented with.

So I suppose the least destructive method would be to remove all the AU shortcuts (plugin-specific), retain only native + VST fx and thus make Paketti more of a pc/osx-friendly thing, too.

i do hope that some day the AU identification issue can be fixed in Renoise somehow.

new version is up at Paketti | Renoise

What’s new in Paketti 0.40

  • BPM +1 / -1 no longer shoots an error when going below 32bpm.

  • Joule Doubler doubles the current pattern note+effect content, and transfers the cursor to the doubled content’s same place as the cursor would be if it was just “in the doubled copy of the current pattern content”. 2 row pattern, cursor on row1? run Joule Doubler. → 4 row pattern, cursor on row 3. 2 row pattern, cursor on row 2? run Joule Doubler- → 4 row pattern, cursor on row 4.

  • Record Quantization +1 / -1 (Decrease / Increase Quantization)
    two shortcuts, both enable record quantization. Can scroll between 1-32. go below 1 and it stops quantization. first +1 then enables quantization at 1 and then you can continue.

  • True OFF / 0CF capslock replacement. when record=off - inputs OFF in effect column#1. when record=ON, outputs 0CF (quick ramp vol down) to effect_column#1.

  • Capslock replacement, works globally, even while record is off, you can still output note cuts

  • Display 1-12 note columns shortcuts

  • Display 1-8 effect columns shortcuts

  • Column Cycle KeyJazz ( Multiedit : Multi Columns & Multi Tracks )

  • Delay Value generation based on note columns

  • Added “copy current note on pitch to noteoff pitch” (Sample Mappings:Copy note-on to note-off layer) - use this with the custom Note Off command and you’ll see.

  • “pitch up selection” “pitch down selection” for pattern editor. try them out. they’re called Bend.

  • Arpeggio, Tremolo, Vibrato, Note Cut, Retrig xy control with shortcuts. +1/-1 as usual

  • Clone current pattern at higher LPB resolution.

  • Clone current pattern at lower LPB resolution.
    – You are at pattern 00. run the script. your pattern 00 now has LPB/BPM written to it automatically to Master Column, your pattern 00 has been cloned to pattern 01, the pattern 01 has been resized by either *2 or by /2, and the LPB has been set to either *2 or /2, and the new LPB has been written to the Master Column.

  • Computer Keyboard Keyjazz midi + keyboard shortcut control. ramp up the velocity as you go. bind it to a foot pedal. or anything! ( Make Velocity Value Midi Mappable )


  • vst/au / plugin auto-generated shortcuts so that all of yous can use your fave plugins and launch them by shortcuts
  • ViZiON’s suggestions: ( Keyboard : Config Key (Jump To Track Xx) ) especially these ones:
  • Clear Instrument
  • 1 shortcut to Delete all volume and effect from track.
  • 1 shortcut to Delete all effect from track.
  • 1 shortcut to Delete all volume and effect from selected block.
  • 1 shortcut to Delete all effect from selected block.
  • 1 shortcut to Delete all volume and effect from pattern.
  • 1 shortcut to Delete all effect from pattern.

check the original post for added keyboard shortcuts. enjoy.

p.s. the video above this post is to be considered old. will post a new video highlighting new stuff in 0.40 :)

Great stuff Esa, I’m starting to understand what is going on here. The potential is immense for speed and flow. I’m downloading it now and I’ll give it some time to play with it and give you some feedback.

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I respect the work Esa, but it is to megalomanic for me, too many things I’ll never use, though there’s also some stuff I’d like to check out if it’d fit in my workflow. Maybe you can consider splitting the complete package into smaller themed packs?

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which themed packs?

how would you split this? what out of this do you want? what doesn’t matter? i’d like some more input into this from you.

im not a fan of fragmentation. have ditched almost all my tools and just kept paketti, resynth, padsynth, pattern rotate, and createtool. the rest were like “woo here’s a tool that presses stop” “here’s another tool, this one presses play”. after a while you start wondering what is so much worse about having 1 tool which does many, many things, than having 30-50 tools that do one thing each? does renoise get slower?

now, yeah, it is interesting when you get to the point where you can’t even really describe a feature easily, and for the past 3-4 days of scripting, i’ve been doing skype screenshares to highlight v0.40 additions.

p.s. if you think it’s megalomaniac now, just wait till 0.50 :)

Two dumb questions…

  1. I just downloaded paketti (OSX), but none of these keyboard shortcuts seem to be mapped. I just see a whole bunch of extra unmapped shortcuts in the preferences and a few new options on some of the right click menus. Do I have to do anything to “activate” paketti?

  2. how do you get that full-screen disk-op in vanilla renoise? diskop is always stuck in that tiny top panel for me…

none of the keyboard shortcuts are mapped, because you have installed a new tool and don’t have any shortcuts mapped. i paste from the keybindings.xml for the purpose of showing the names - not necessarily providing you with keybinds that completely overwrite plain renoise shortcuts. This would seem to be the biggest issue, since many ex-IT-users have gotten used to the renoise shortcuts ( :blink: ) and thus don’t feel it necessary to re-jig the shortcuts. this would probably be one reason why paketti will only find it’s users in those who do wish to configure shortcuts and see how it affects their workflow :)

fullscreen diskop, well, I click on the disk browser and then in that upper frame (where diskop, etc are) i click on More. then save the global view preset and call it by some shortcut. Other opportunity is of course to just create a simple shortcut into paketti that gives you maximized diskop. that could be useful i guess.

I was wondering how it would play with existing shortcuts.

“ex-IT-users have gotten used to the renoise shortcuts” - guilty as charged! On one hand… rns shortcuts somehow don’t feel as fluid as they should be. I don’t think the default mapping corresponds to my usage (i.e. most-used = minimal hand movements / fewest modifiers) and the default mappings also don’t play well with the MBP keys. I need to come up with a lot of my own adhoc bindings (even for insert / delete rows). On the other hand, the muscle memory is finally getting to a point where I can feel my workflow speeding up, so it would be kindof a shame to start over…

Embarrassingly, I’ve been using renoise for years (not always as my main daw though) and I somehow never noticed the “more” button on diskop!

yeah, this MBP keyboard issue was the main thing that led me to start trying to create 2nd and 3rd keybinds for various things. such as stop playback, start playback, etc. so i could use both the larger wire-keyboard with numeric keypad, and the regular MBP keyboard, and not have to re-assign keyshortcuts when switching from one to the other.
so for instance § is insert and so on :)

With so many functions I think you need some kind of settings GUI that allows users to add the functions they want to have available to key map. You could also organise the functions by category and have a filtered list. I think this will help users keep track of all the functions better and pick the ones that suit them, especially if they don’t have some of the VST’s listed etc.

I have done a mockup of how this could look.

Hope it helps.


afta8’s idea is great, consider it please mr. r u oho

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