New Tool (3.1): Pathfinder

I am uploading new tool for composing melodies.


Script matches the way (path) between start tone and the tone of next cadence, which usually follows with a chord. Cadence got specified interval and quality of interfering with start tone. Match is made within tones selected by checkboxes in ‘Scale’ area. Quality of tones of the path may be selected by ‘Path intervals’ list and buttons. Buttons ‘start cadence’ and ‘end cadence’ describes if start and end tones of note progression has to be included in tones sent to pattern. Text list below with numbers and notes shows what notes and what order will be shot into pattern. Script automatically rematches paths when any control is moved unless ‘auto rematch’ checkbox is off. When you shot all the notes in the list into pattern you have to reload with ‘rematch’ button in order to get new note-bullets again. Button ‘shot’ shows amount of bullets left in brackets. Button ‘close’ is for closing the tool. You may see my website clicking on link in the tool below all controls.


How to use it.

  1. First consider path of cadences. Line them up on a track. It’s good when cadences got evolving quality of intervals between. To do so check my guide here - use Premier.
  2. When you got cadences set on one track, apply Progressor to arrange chords in background of cadences in another track. Link for tool - How to use it is described in the forum -
  3. Now time for Pathfinder. Turn it on. Set cursor behind first cadence in your first track where new note has to stand.
  4. Select cadence tone and octave in ‘start tone’ list and value box. Search for following cadence tone in list of intervals named ‘cadence interval’. Values in the list are respectively - interval, note and quality of interval in percent of full consonance which is 100%. Alternatively you may press “f.s.e.” button for automatic matching of start and end cadence. Select quality (dissonance) of the path in list named ‘path intervals’ or select intervals of desired quality that you want include into path using buttons of path intervals area. Intervals are sorted from most consonant on the left to most dissonant on the right. Set length of the path measured in tones between cadences, not including cadences itself - ‘path length’ value box. Mark to not include start and end cadence in injected intervals by unmarking checkboxes ‘start cadence’ and ‘end cadence’. You may select between found paths visible in a multiline text field by pressing ‘Rematch’ button. Ways are randomly generated so sometimes few presses are needed to find new one as often the same way is picked.
  5. When you’re ready click on ‘Shot’.
  6. Move the cursor to another point before target cadence and after note you just injected and click on ‘Shot’ again.
  7. Repeat 6 until all the bullets gone which is stated by renaming button into ‘Gun’ and ‘no path’ visible in the list of bullets.
  8. When you are done up to now, move behind target cadence and from now on target cadence becomes start cadence.
  9. Go to 4 unless you’re out of cadences.

Notes will be injected with current instrument marked in instruments list.

Script is available for download below.

Happy melodymaking for you all!

Thanks 4 making this tool :slight_smile:

Cheers. All for you. :slight_smile: This is three days in my life. One day, May the 9th, for making it in Renoise, one day, in December 2013, for making it’s engine in C++ and one day, in 1996, for painting the picture. Have it for good. :slight_smile:

When you got cadences set on one track, apply Progressor to arrange chords in background of cadences in another track

I love that your tools can work together like that.

Yeah. Modular to the bone. :slight_smile: Did you figure it out to make it working? Is it all usable?

Newer version which has arrow keys up and down implemented for transport during injecting notes.

Thanks to dblue for key handler procedure. :slight_smile:

Even newer version with buttons for selecting intervals separately apart from the list.

Newer version with arrow button added for taking target cadence as new cadence. Useful in step 8 of workflow procedure.

Files are new version of Pathfinder and piano riff built of dissonant path to consonant cadences.

Newest version with buttons for automatic setting start tone and cadence interval controls - buttons “f.s.e.” for finding start and end cadence in pattern, “f.s.” for finding start cadence and “f.e.” for finding end cadence. Buttons find cadences before and after cursor position in pattern.

Minor bugfix with pattern sequence cue line.

Song made with Premier and Pathfinder (track #1), Progressor (track #2) and Processor (track #3).

7511 Laffik - Premier Progressor Pathfinder Processor.xrns