New tool (3.1): Place selected notes evenly

(joule) #21

Sure, it’s possible. It would be a separate function, but I’m not keen on doing it due to limitations in the API that would make its behavior look a bit ass. (The nice, tidy, flexible and consistent implementation would use granular selection for this, which isn’t available in the API).

Feel free to mess with the code, however. You could make a separate shortcut that only moves velocity values of the selected lines.

(pat) #22

I like using 4 LPB for the most part but wanted a simple way of doing 32nd notes, or quick note runs, in legato instruments.

So, I put a few notes on a single row, selected the row, ran the tool… and it did exactly what I want.

Thank you!

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4lpb is for noobs

just kiddin :slight_smile:

(pandabot) #24

added Ledger’s feature request as default behavior for “place selected notes evenly”, if you want the original behavior then it’s available in the command “place selected notes evenly (by column)”

let me know if it does something you don’t expect

com.pandabot.PlaceSelectedNotesEvenly.xrnx (2.4 KB)

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(Ledger) #26

Missed this!

Thanks pandabot, will try it out.