New Tool (3.1) Send Mixer (Feb 2017)

–toned down red colour for gui elements:

Ledger, this is brilliant - thank you so much :slight_smile:

hey Ledger thanks for this tool, I’m using it every day (this behavior should be implemented as an option in renoise, as in reaper)

one thing though, right now if I monitor (MON, with Auto Solo enabled) an aux send and a group is routing its audio there, that audio will be lost because of the silent gainers spawning on the child tracks of said group

is it possible to avoid putting silent gainer on child tracks if the group containing them is sending audio to an aux send we’re monitoring?

what I do currently is manually removing those silent gainers, this would earn me some seconds, not a biggie but it would be nice

thaks again!

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Do you mean when like this?


Ok makes sense, can’t make promises on update time-frames at the moment but I’ll try and add at some point.

  • Updated to incorporate kytdkut`s suggestion.

  • Also fixed a bug where send [M. Src] buttons were not being updated properly on groups.

V0.65 on tools page:

These silent gainers in grouped tracks will no longer be added in MON mode. So you should now get the complete signals when monitoring sends from groups.

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v 0.7 added a volume slider mirroring the the post-mixer of the target send.



v0.71 up on tools site.

  • added dB readout next to new Post FX Volume Slider


Thank you SO much for this, Ledger!

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Now there’s nothing stopping plenty of 80’s reverb! :drummer: :radio::notes:

This is gold! Thank you very much.

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Small update 1.01

  • The select buttons for group tracks are now a lighter grey than for normal tracks to distinguish them



  • Gui will now show when you can’t select a track because it is in a collapsed group. Notified by a dash “-” in the selection buttons and an arrow “<” for the collapsed group as shown: tracks Kick to Perc are collapsed in GRP drums:

  • also a status added when trying to select one of these tracks, explaining it’s not possible

Send Mix dashes

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