New Tool (3.1) Set midi fighter button led

I made a small tool, so you can visually display the sample mappings of the current selected instrument on a midi fighter 3d.

Maybe this is useful for you, too. Its a simple function, which uses the mute groups for coloring. You can use the renoise menu (Tools->Set midifighter button led …) or a keyboard shortcut.


6928 foto.jpg

Had to look up the controller on youtube as I’m not familiar with it, are you planning to use it live or just in the studio?

Back in the days I’ve seen performances where people taped a wii controller on the back of their acoustic instruments, hooked up to a max/msp patch :slight_smile: glitching the output. Bet a similar thing can be done through a smart phone and something like touch-osc…the arcade buttons on this are probably more satisfying to hit though.

Just for the studio for finger drumming. Its easier, when the mapped buttons are visible directly on the device, so i created this small tool.