New Tool (3.1): Slice Extension

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This little helper adds copy / paste functionality to slices across instruments.
It adds menu entries and keybindings to _Sample Editor:Slices:_as follows:

Copy Slices… :

Opens the GUI. From there you can copy slices from one instrument´s sample to another or use the buffer functions.

Copy All Slices to Buffer :

Temporarily copies all slices/markers (including their slice meta data) of the selected instrument´s sample to a buffer.

So even if the source instrument/sample will be removed - the slices are available from the buffer.

Paste Slices from Buffer :

Pastes slices from the buffer to the selected instrument´s sample.

Pasting slices in general :

The pasted slices/markers will keep their relative positions.

Already existing slices in the destination instrument/sample will be overwritten.

Also if there is more than one sample in the destination - all but the first one (master sample) will be lost.

Slices´s Mod and FX set indices will also be copied (where applicable).

When a sample was processed in an external editor and needs to be reloaded or exchanged in Renoise, one usually loses its slice information.

To solve this issue you can buffer the slices meta data, reload/exchange the sample and restore the slices from buffer.

Another application could be to experiement by transferring slices from one drumloop to another e.g.


  • add swap function to GUI in order to actually exchange slices between instruments/samples
  • when pasting slices put slice markers to closest zero-crossings
  • when pasting slices to another instrument make inclusion of selected Mod and FX set indices optional

Let me know if this is useful to anyone of you.


Cool, this could be good experimenting with grooves of breaks onto other beats…will have to try out myself, but with; ‘The pasted slices/markers will keep their_relative_positions.’ do you mean no matter how long the destination sound is, markers will be offset according to the total length of the destination, not pasted with the same distances between them as in the original? That would be the handiest :slight_smile:

If only Renoise would let you snap markers to closest transients through some kind of sensitivity dial :drummer:

Exactly. They have to be pasted relative in order to work if the destination sample length is less or greater.

Not sure when or if I could use this but seems like a handy tool to have as an option, thanks.

Let me know if this is useful to anyone of you.


It is. Here is my confirmation.

I have a multi layered samples bass recorded session: one of these sample as been sliced and I need to slice the others at identical time while each of these samples are contained by a different instrument.

I want to sync all these samples together at identical slice timing. Your tool does exactly this. Thanks!