New Tool (3.2): Expand Song


A tool for expanding a whole song by an integer factor. This tool is similar to the built-in expand function in the advanced edit pane, but it preserves the timing of notes with delay values. It can also automatically adjust the song’s LPB value and sample beat sync values.

Access it via Tools > Expand Song…

This also adds two keybindings:

  • Pattern Editor > Expand > Expand Song… - opens the expand song dialog
  • Pattern Editor > Expand > Expand Song by 2x - doubles the resolution of the song with the default settings

The source code is available here.


  • Adjust LPB effect commands in the song
  • Allow expanding selected patterns instead of the whole song (this is a complicated task that I haven’t quite figured out yet!)

Ey, no time to check yet, but there is a tool out there which does the same thing also automatically converts patterncommand values and sync settings so everything sounds the same after expanding. If I remember correctly, not behind a computer right now, it was made by Mogue and called LPBx. Not an official tool with a tool page but you can search the tool forum for it. Perhaps helpful for looking inside the code.

To be able to select patterns in the sequence list for expansion would be great, not always having to expand the whole song.

i’m aware of the one by dblue, which i think is a somewhat older tool that only resizes individual patterns

Mogue’s tool used to be found here; Snippet: Convert Song From Lpb4 To Lpb12

but unfortunately with the forum upgrade all tool upload links have vanished.

dang, that’s a bummer. i’ll definitely be looking into the performance improvement mentioned in that thread, though!

v1.01 is out! Performance should be much better now.