New Tool (3.2): Jupiter-80 Librarian

Hi all

The Roland Jupiter-80 is a powerful synth. With great power comes great… complexity. Sounds can have up to 4 levels (registrations, live sets, tones and partials) but these dependencies must be manually organized with little help from the built-in system. Most owners agree that the synth is in desperate need of a librarian tool for properly managing the sounds. Unfortunately, Roland appears unwilling to enhance the product further. This tool is an attempt to add some much-needed librarian functionality to the synth.

This is an early version of the tool that can be used in three ways:

  1. Connect to a Jupiter-80 through MIDI (SysEx) and retrieve the names of all sounds with their dependencies.
  2. Open sound sets (SVD files) exported (or backed up) from a Jupiter-80/50 and retrieve the names of all sounds with their dependencies.
  3. Open a sound set (SVD file), swap the registrations and/or live sets, and store as a new SVD file.

Although currently limited in functionality, the tool is still useful. Some examples:

  1. Build a list of all sounds loaded on the synth without having to go through thousands manually on the synth.
  2. List the contents of SVD files without having to open them on the synth.
  3. Figure out which sounds (and dependencies) to safely delete when freeing up space for new sounds.
  4. Swap registrations and/or live sets faster than what is possible on the synth.

I have attached an SVD file (Jupiter-80 format) so that non-owners can test the functionality if they want.

How to use it:

  • Download and install Renoise. Renoise is cross-platform, so you can install it on OS X, Windows and Linux.
  • Double-click on the xrnx-file to install it. In the Renoise top-menu you will then find the “Jupiter-80 Librarian” under the Tools menu.
  • Each function has its own menu entry. I know this is not optimal, but it’s the best I can do at the moment.

More information about the background for this tool here:
Roland Clan Forums: Reading Jupiter-80 sound sets on a PC/Mac

This tool now allows swapping live sets (including dependencies) (from SVD) and storing to a new SVD file. This version also supports the Jupiter-50 SVD format. NB! Restoring the file has not been tested! In any case, use this tool at your own risk since it now has the ability to write back to file.

com.kas.Jupiter80Librarian.xrnx (26.5 KB)

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Version 0.2 now generates a list of dependencies for registrations and live sets from the SVD file.

Version 0.3 allows swapping registrations (from SVD) and storing to a new SVD file. This file can then be imported on a Jupiter-80. NB! Restoring the file has not been tested! In any case, use this tool at your own risk since it now has the ability to write back to file.

Version 0.4

  • Added menu option to swap live sets (including dependencies).
  • Added menu option to show inverse dependencies (e.g. tones used by live sets).
  • Added menu option to show independent sounds (e.g. tones not used by live sets).
  • The Jupiter-50 SVD file format is now supported.
  • Added “Open…” button to dialogs to open a new SVD file.

Update: Fixed version 0.4 which could not be installed. Please download it again. Sorry about that!

Update: Version 0.5 fixes a bug that only retrieved the last couple of registrations/live sets over MIDI.

Hi Kimsnarf…your tool is amazingly useful …I accidentally uninstalles renoise…I cant figure to find the file to download here…I would be really helpful if you could help me.
Many thanks in advance

The file appears to be missing. I will re-upload when I have the opportunity.

I have a newer Mac version available. More information here:

Jupiter-80 Librarian in the Mac App Store

I have now re-uploaded the tool as a 3.2 compatible file (see the original post for the link).

Hey kimsnarf. I’m very appreciative of your efforts in creating this and would like to take a look at it, but am having some trouble. I have downloaded Renoise for PC and followed your instructions. I do not see it listed under tools. Please advise.

Kimsnarf - Disregard my previous comment. I figured out how to install your tool…finally…lol. Looking forward to tinkering tomorrow. Thanks again for the effort.

Hey kimsnarf, Does the version of the librarian that uses Renoise have more functionality than the version that is on the AppStore???

The Renoise version is an earlier experiment that started out reading the sound set directly from the synth over MIDI. This turned out to be quite slow, so I upgraded it to parse SVD files once I figured that out.

However, the GUI I could build with Renoise was too limited, so I ended up just exporting to CSV. For a proper GUI I built a Cocoa/Mac version instead. This version also adds a bit more information when parsing, and is better structured for adding features. But it does not support MIDI or exporting to CSV (although the latter would be easy to add).

Hello kimsnarf
Are you able to provide me IOS application for Jupiter 80 librarian so I can try on my Ipad.
Maybe you still have JP-Synth Editor for Ipad.
Some time ago i lost everything and now rebuilding what i need.
Appreciate and All the best in 2021.

I’m sorry, but I have only made a macOS version of the librarian, not an iOS version.

The Roland JP synth editor does not run on newer iOS versions. I do have it installed, but I can no longer run it.

Thanks for your answer. Are you able to send me MacOS version. I’m using Mini.

And for the JP Synth I’m just looking for the App file since I can get Ipad with older IOS.

You can download my free mac app from the mac app store (“Jupiter-80 Librarian”).

I don’t have the ipa-file for the JP synth editor and I can’t figure out how to extract it. A few years back it could be copied from the iPad. Perhaps this feature is now restricted due to upgraded iOS security.

Hai music lovers
I do have the Ipad ipa file for you.I did get hem from Roland. Maybe we can opensource him and write a proper installation procedure for IOS 9 . I have an ipad with IOS 9 but was not able to install him due to lack of knowledge.

That was the version before the IOS update. I cant get him installed. Please pm me for the file.

Grtz Unknown