New Tool (3.2): Narration Song

Probably won’t be of much use to people, but I needed a tool to automate the building of an appropriate song for the narration I record and edit in Renoise. Normally, for each project, I would have to do this by hand before rendering (and then keep resizing patterns to match any edits made).

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Usage: Select an instrument and this tool will do the following to it* and all consecutive instruments* below it in the Instrument Editor:

  • Enable Autoseek
  • Give the instrument its own pattern
  • Set the length of the pattern to the number of lines necessary to accommodate the sample’s length
  • Place a C-4 note in the first line of the first track

(* as long as the instrument has a sample)


Hey no, that is really cool. Instead of Beatsyncing the sample to the bpm you scale the pattern to the sample length. Really really cool, I already have some idea. Everything about this is actually really cool (in my humble opinion) So I guess the higher BPM and LPB the more precise/accurate?
I do these ting manually anyway every time I load a longer recording or sample to listen to a what ever, well , with the exception of curse of having to modulate the sample pitch.
Maybe you can also have it turn on the FX Chain and Create a Phrase? So that is done? All the same is what you have made is very helpful. Thanks
Oh and it makes a new pattern with new instrument


  • Now deletes existing pattern sequence before creating the new one.
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  • If a sample is too long to fit in a single pattern then the process is stopped and a warning is displayed to the user.
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  • Added status bar messages for success and fail states.


  • Fixed crash when final instrument slot was not blank