New Tool (3.3.2): EQ Helper Tool, transpose eqs/filters by semitones


wrote this little EQ Helper tool. It provides a context menu on each eq and filter device for transposing. It also can “live”-transpose all eqs and filters of a song at once. There is a large slider which you can move while playing the song.

Currently it works for EQ5/10, digital/analog filter, filter 3, all Melda EQs, Pro Q 1/2/3, TDR Nova and apQualizr2. Here is the current version:

There is a “pluginRegistry” in main.lua, in which you can add your own translation functions for other eq and filter plugins.

Have a look at the context menu on the eq, in the track context menu under “track” and in the tools menu.


  • Added support for sampler dsp chains.
  • Fixed menu init bug, added track context menu entries
  • Added support for Melda EQs and Pro Q2/3
  • Also include group tracks (no idea why I excluded it first)
  • Updated parameter name matching with proper string matching. Simply write as parameterNamePattern in the pluginRegistry something like Frequency ? (EQ ?), where ? stands for any possible number (thanks to toimp)
  • Highly optimized speed by simply using device:parameter(index) instead device.parameters[index]
  • Added “live” transpose slider, even for the whole song. yay!
  • Added support for devices switching parameter names dynamically (e.g. filter 3)
  • Added transposing in signal flow of a track, means that sending tracks and group tracks recursively will be also affected. Added support for TDR Nova
  • Added simple exclusion mechanism. Devices which name starts with ! (can be changed in settings), will be excluded.
  • Bugfix, tool forgot key shortcuts
  • Fixed context menu bug on individual plugins, was not deleted properly
  • Fixed missing context menu in insturments’ dsp lane
  • Added workaround for missing re-bang of the selected_track_device_observable on window.active_middle_frame change
  • Workaround seems to have introduced a new problem, hopefully fixed now
  • Workaround 2 for missing re-bang problem. Now app_new_document_observable creates active_middle_frame_observable which then does the missing events, but if .app_release_document_observable was fired, active_middle_frame_observable is removed :crazy_face: Maybe active_middle_frame_observable / tab could be switched AFTER song initialisation? (Happens if the last song had instrument dsp tab opened and then loading a new song which switches to tracker view)
  • Added some LUA loop optimizations and support for Pro-Q 1
  • Fixed recursive routing logic for parallel routings, since it is not a strict tree structure in that case
  • Added support for transposing all devices and signal flow within an instrument mixer
  • Added support for also transposing the dsp devices of the sending instrument within the signal flow
  • Fixed some bugs in signal flow detection within an instrument mixer
  • Fixed bug reported by Same Freaky Sound
  • Fixed bugs in routing from instruments ([].output_routing is really ugly IMHO)
  • Fixed transpose all in song

Not at my computer at the moment, but man what a cool idea! :smiley: can’t wait to see it

Yeah please try it, give me feedback if anything doesn’t work.

@taktik Could you move this topic to Renoise Tools section? Thx

Wasted another 4 hours of sparetime… :crazy_face:

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Hi ffx, just tried with a fresh installation on RNS 3.3.2 on Linux MIint 20 and i got this:

Schermata del 2021-09-13 11-55-43

To reproduce it, just select from the help menu the “Transpose song EQs/filters +12”, same for the other 3 option “+1”, “-1”, “-12”. Only “Transpose song EQs/Filters…” work

Thanx for your time and tools, are always useful!

Thanks for the report! Will fix tomorrow or so.


Should be fixed now.

Btw. did you see the function “transpose in signal flow”? Right click on a track (under track submenu), e.g. a send track, or on a dsp chain within an instrument.

Wow, superfast! Its working perfect now! Thanks for your suggestion, I hadn’t noticed the entries in the submenu very handy.

Added now to the tools page with superior graphics arts: EQ Helper | Renoise


for reference…