New Tool (3.3.2) MIDI Universal Controller (+ Wave Builder) v2.1 build 344 (November 2021)

Yeah, I agree it would be lots of work if done properly with every VST you own. But I had minimalism in mind, like channel strip and couple of most important effects. It would be too much hasle for controlling every parameter with midi.

But yesterday I ditched my minimalistic mindset and started working on my custom Duplex iPad-template for TouchOsc. It has 36 DSP parameter faders and couple of midi-actions for monitoring, mono toggle and reference-track selection. So I’m going on that road for the moment.

Well, I plan to investigate this particular issue in case I can implement it in some way, but I do not promise anything, and this will take a while. Where I have more doubts is in the plugins, since they are not fixed devices, they are added devices and some have hundreds of parameters.

The initial idea is to be able to change any index in the parameter panel by turning the wheel of the mouse over any parameter slider bar. The tool would be in charge of remembering it for each device (at least for native devices).

MUC is an excellent tool. Any ideas that can be improved are welcome!

VST plugins (for DSP chain devices):

Example of TAL-Togu Audio Line: TAL-Vocoder-2-64

Example of VST3: Tokyo Dawn Labs: TDR Nova

VSTi plugins (for instruments):

Example of TAL-Togu Audio Line: TAL-NoiseMaker-64

Example of Matt Tyler: helm64

Example of Digital Suburban: Dexed

These plugins have less than 100 or 150 parameters. But there are plugins with more than 800 parameters, each one! What to do with so many parameters?

What if there wouldn’t be a slider but just a text field where you could type the right number? Then it would be easier to dial in those numbers anyway and huge amounts of parameters would not be a problem. It would be also nice if you wouldn’t need to dial all the parameters but could disable some.

Thanks for looking into this. I’m following updates with great enthuasm :slight_smile:

I get the error in this screenshot when I choose plugin


Can this be resolved

Thanks for catching this bug! Yes, everything is possible to solve it, generally.

I am currently using and testing a new version of the most recent MUC not yet released. I’ll see if this error keeps happening and fix it.


Any updates?

@adamagain47 I’m on it. I hope to release the new version soon, perhaps at the beginning of November. I will announce it here when it happens.

New version for MUC: 2.1.344

I am pleased to inform you that I have just released the new MUC v2.1 build 344.
You can download the MIDI Universal Controller tool in the first post, here. Sorry for the delay in releasing this new version. I know that some users were waiting for it.

This new version includes some arrangements and especially more features that make things easier when manipulating files and their presets with the Sampler Waveform, as well as incorporating and reordering some areas for the control of sliders. It also includes certain improvements regarding MIDI navigation. All the news are available in the Update History section at the beginning of this thread.

If you have a MIDI keyboard and have not yet tried the MUC, you should!

Enjoy it!


It appears to be working correctly!!

Thanks Steve for confirm it!

I’m trying the latest version of / demo / and I can’t create anything in wave builder without these glitches.
renoise 3.4 and Linux ryzen 5.16.2-2-rt19-MANJARO # 1 SMP PREEMPT_RT Tue Feb 15 09:37:27 CET 2022 x86_64 GNU / Linux

Hi @martblek. That’s right, those artifacts are only part of the Demo Version.

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I thought it would be it.
I just didn’t read about this demo “feature” :slight_smile:
Then everything is fine.

what an amazing creation, great job, wow…u really did something here