New Tool (3.3): Repeater Notation

> Download Repeater Notation Tool

The Repeater captures a chunk of sound from what’s playing, but odd timings make it impossible to write music to match it. But what if you could, for example, have the kick drum follow exactly what the Repeater is doing?

This tool inserts notes into the Pattern Editor that match Repeater timings. It can be done manually or by linking to a Repeater and using its effect commands to track the changes made.


Limitations (v1.0)

  • Only uses data from effect commands, not graphical automation
  • If the Sync setting is automated, its changes are not taken into account
  • Contiguous repeats before the current pattern/selection can affect the rhythm in ‘Repeats - Sync’ mode if there’s no initial ‘Mode - Off’ to break them up

thanks for this :slight_smile: much apreciated!

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