New Tool (3.4.2) ReTonic

Here is a hastily created rhythm converter from Patternarium by SonicCharge for uTonic to Renoise phrases.
Here is the last video.

I thought I would make it another part of AlmostDrumsNG, but I decided that it would be a separate tool.
So far, it can only convert basic things into phrases, but it surprised me already.
There are already over 28k files for Patternarium, so there is a lot to choose from.

I added support for keymaps and creating MIDI data for use in other programs.
Splitting the signal into the left or right audio channel only works for samples themselves, not for drum plugins.
Tool is here


  • Removed buttons for switching phrases (more trouble than good).
    Removed a bug in the scale selection menu, one item was missing.
    Added a few extra scales.
    If the phrase window has focus, switching the column buttons highlights the selected column


  • Version 6 fixes a workaround in midi save.
    Small adjustments in the gui.
    Phrase mapping can now be done at any time and not only when converting patterns.
    Added quick button to Patternarium page


  • Fixed a big bug when the converted pattern was moved down one line in the phrase.
    The entire midi export has been rewritten.
    Now the selected phrase or all of them are exported at any time and not only when importing a pattern.
    Added support for selecting certain scales to use a phrase on a non drum instrument.
    Changes to save settings.
    Settings for each phrase separately.

  • There is a small workaround in midi export, I have no idea yet how to create an empty midi event,
    so this is replaced by the note C-2, which can be easily filtered :frowning:


  • test for the Choke effect from Microtonic.
    I emulate it using the 0C effect, which mutes the sample after a certain time.
    Yes, this, like the Pan effect, only works with samples.


  • Fixed parser error for different mtpreset versions.

V02 is out.

  1. Modified gui
  2. Microtonic preset parser rewritten
  3. added Keymap support
  4. added MIDI output

I was working on something similar with XLN XO, and the Patternarium is such a huge resource to work from.
This gives me so many ideas.
Thanks for all these rad tools!

I didn’t know XO. Interesting concept.
I also came across Patternarium by accident and saw potential in it.

now the thought occurred to me while looking at the XO that I could use Sononym to compare it when looking for samples.


Thank you for keeping it off of AlmostDrumsNG. For people who do not use nor rely on other people’s patterns, that would have felt like bloat.

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ReTonic has been temporarily taken down.
I want to release the finished project. Unfortunately, it is packed with things that I would like to change, that it is for a long time and it seems pointless to release a modified version every now and then.


Hey man! Missed this when it was up. Hope you continue to work on it/reup at some point - patternarium is a great resource and itd be amazing to have those available in phrases.

Thanks for working on this, good luck with the tweaks, etc.!

I’m slowly working on it when I have a moment, but it’s impossible in this heat.
And the wind farms on the coast of the North Sea are to blame for everything.


Fantastic! Looks amaaaaazing.

Weather has been so weird. Here in east coast nc, this was the first spring in 5 years where it wasnt just stupidly hot. I mean, hotter than it has been in 30 years. Summer has been stifling, but nominally bearable - meanwhile, teenagers in Texas be dying from heat exhaustion on hikes. But, then, we had random forest fires - like wtf that shit is supposed to be west coast only…

Regardless of the cause, shit definitely feels out of balance…

v02 is out.
Updated information at the beginning of the thread.


Hey there! Getting an error message when trying to convert pattern:


This is when selecting: convert patterns, then choosing a downloaded mtpreset.

Any thoughts? Thanks!

can you send the downloaded pattern here. I can’t reproduce it.

Tested on:
Win11, Renoise 3.4.3
Manjaro, Renoise 3.4.2

Forums won’t allow direct upload of mtpreset’s but here’s a link to a couple - same error.

Thanks for looking in to it!

EDIT: I’m on Windows 10, Renoise 3.4.2 just FYI

It’s obvious, but it’s very interesting.
These patches have a completely different structure.
I mean now the item separators.
I see these for the first time and also the names are not randomly generated like in other patches.

Try these for now,
I’ll try to edit the parser as soon as possible and as soon as I find the source of these new patches.
thanks for understanding.

Will go 'em a go!

Just FYI, the first of these come from the stock presets included w/ Microtonic, the second directly from Sonic Charge’s Vintage Tonic pack.

Thanks for the quick reply here/working on this - still stoked as a mofo for this!

EDIT: also, tried on the link you set, does work fine for those ones, just to sanity check.

Tested and presets saved directly from Microtonic is different :frowning:
I must update parser.
I’m afraid, however, that it could be different with each next version :frowning:

Thanks for grinding on it - interesting that the official versions seem to differ from what’s generated in the patternarium. I’d say: even if this only works with the patternarium ones, then it’s still a MASSIVE win. There are only ever going to be so many official packs, and there is almost a literal eternity of great patterns from the patternarium.

I.e., you’re doing incredible work, it is much appreciated.

I just updated Retonic to v03.
Unfortunately, I don’t own a MicroTonic, so it’s tested on the data you sent me.
Test files are attached with the tool.
It turned out that even the files saved directly from the last Microtonic are different from yours :slight_smile:
Now the parser should pick up all types.

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Hello! Tested just now, working on everything (Vintage Tonic, V3 files, the massive packs you linked, etc.).

SOOOooooo excited to get down with this - thanks for creating this (and the quick response/support here).

As a side note/to highlight why this is great: effectively, giving access to the patternarium and microtonic patterns means having access to unlimited generated drum beats. One thing that I’ve never seen is any sort of “beat pack” for Renoise - i.e., something that provides different drum beat patterns that you can then refine to your taste. This tool essentially gives you that. It’s amazing.

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Thanks for feedback.

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Small update to v0.05

V0.06 is out.
Check top page.

V0.07 is out.