New tool (3.4.3): Piano Roll Studio v6.2 build 562 (September 2023)

To transpose a note, use CTRL + Click and drag up/down on the head of the note block. This is the best (fastest and most accurate) way to transpose a note block. With the wheel you can transpose the entire grid. It is also recommended to use a mouse with a precision sensor (do not use the touch pad of a laptop).

Are you using a mouse? You just have to point with the pointer where you want to deposit.

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I know how to do it.:slight_smile: The movement up/down just feels clunky. Left / right feels much better and smoother.

I don’t mean to replace what the scroll is now doing but add another modifier or swicth it on/off.

It works exactly the same up/down as left/right, without any clunkiness. In fact, this issue has always worked very well. Can you make some video demonstrating your problem and send it to me?

There are mice that with their software it is possible to configure the vertical displacement speed different from the horizontal one. Is it your case?

[CTRL SHIFT + Wheel] to transpose a note. This one could work. The transpose would be ±1. I might add it in a future version. However, the mouse pointer is more agile here.

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It doesn’t feel the same here. Moving up / down feels like going a bit up stream.

You must have some problem. Your description doesn’t match the handling I get. In fact, the programming is the same for the vertical movement as for the horizontal one. The code is fine here.

Maybe you are having a bad experience for not turning off textures in Renoise. Have you done this step?

I did turn off the textures. Up/Down is maybe 3 times slower than left/right.

I’m sure you’re right though, it’s probably something at my end, will try it with another mouse.

This behavior is not normal. You should have the same feeling of scrolling horizontally and vertically. No users have reported this particular problem to me so far.

Do you have another mouse to try? It seems to be a problem external to the tool or to the mouse itself.

Yeah, try trying another mouse. I assure you that the programming related to scrolling horizontally and vertically is the same. In fact, if there is a problem, it should be the other way around, because it may be the case that there is more horizontal distance (slower, until 512 lines) than vertical distance (faster, until 120 notes) in the total surface of the grid.

I think scroll would be a lot more precise than dragging notes in zoom out, when the grid is very small. Also could transposing like this could work in the song mode?

I will try this thing. I’ll probably add CTRL SHIFT + Wheel to transpose notes, but this will take a while, no promises though.

In fact, the PRS works very well with the very small zoom. even I myself was surprised at its precision. However, it is very important to have a high-performance mouse for this kind of thing.

No, this is not possible. In playback mode it is only possible to “locate” notes. It does not allow editing on purpose for several reasons (security and performance).

How about (optionally) block selecting notes in the pattern editor, when clicking and selecting notes in PRS’s song mode? Then I can transpose and edit in the pattern editor. The song mode gives a great overview.

What you can do is activate the editing mode in Renoise from the PRS. This is how you control the pattern editor from the PRS with the Renoise key commands. The steps:

  1. In PRS, activate song play mode
  2. In PRS, press ESC. The play switch turns yellow.
  3. In PRS, you can now use the Renoise Pattern Editor key commands to edit. This is an alternative.

For example, with SHIFT F1, SHIFT F2 transposes all notes in the current track.

This would be too specific behavior.

@fiasko. This is already added and working for the next version. Although in song playback mode I don’t want to enable any kind of direct editing, I’ve made an experimental exception here. If I see that it is really useful I will leave it included.

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Piano Roll Studio 5.2 has been published!

I am pleased to announce the release of version 5.2.503 of Piano Roll Studio. This new version is of maintenance and includes some new features.

All new features are listed in the Update History (first comment on this thread).

This new version 5.2 of the PRS is a post-update, usually after a major version is released, that includes bug fixes as well as some new features.

Basically, this new version is about improving the existing text information overlaid on the panels.

Also, a new command has been added [CTRL SHIFT] + Wheel, which allows you to transpose the previously located Note Block or Chord, thanks to turning the wheel. For example, this allows you to adjust the pitch of the note when the vertical zoom is too small. This command works in “Note Edit Mode” and also in “Song Playback Mode”, being the only one that allows you to edit (make small composition adjustments) in this last Mode. This allows you to edit by viewing the other tracks with notes. Also remember that it is possible to isolate the tracks belonging to a parent group.

One more time, I think that I can affirm that the Piano Roll Studio 5.2 works polished so that you can use it with complete confidence, even for professional environments!

Enjoy it!


Hi @Raul, if you could send me a PM that would be great. New user, so I cant PM you.

Thanks for the great work and looking forward to supporting!

Hi @TheWave, I have sent you a PM to discuss this matter. Thank you for contacting!

Hello Raul,

I would like to purchase a license for the full version of PRS. Unfortunately, I have not yet found a way to send a private message to your account in the Renoise forum.

Please feel free to contact me directly to clarify the purchase modalities.