New tool (3.4): Interval / Consonance value calculator

Hello, anyone interested in trying an early version of a tool for calculating intervals and consonance values? I use it for learning purposes together with PianoTeq. Pls. refer to the description on GitHub: GitHub - ank19/renoise-interval: renoise(tm) tool to analyze intervals


I’d love to try it out, but have no idea how to get the tool out of github, lol. Any chance you can wrap it as an xrnx?

Sure, sorry, sometimes I miss the obvious…


a tool that nicely breaks down the song was missing here.
Just one thing, would it be possible to make the interface a little smaller or adjustable?
In a broader analysis, the gui is quite large at my 2560x1440.

I could bet on the fact that all majors music companies use this sort of algorithms to make millions

Thanks - You’re right. I already spent hours to find a way to make it smaller, but unfortunately couldn’t come with an effective solution. However, I added some minor tweaks: Release 0.02 · ank19/renoise-interval · GitHub
When I get a chance, I’ll ask in the Scripting FAQ whether the inner padding of the buttons can be adjusted…

At least there are countermeasures so that we are not sued (so easily)… 68 Billion Melodies | The Columbia Journal of Law & the Arts

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I wish I had the patented “A” 440Hz.