New Tool: Auto Maximize Selected Device In Dsp Chain

This tool is the shit, thanks. :)

could you put joule’s little extra on the tools page?


This is a must have for my small laptop screen!

Is there a chance to upgrade this tool for Renoise 3 to support Instrument Effects?

Ledger - Thx for this functionality

P.S. brainstorming : while holding shift dsp that are unhided dont get hide ( example: click on lfo and shift click filter that is controlled by this lfo to see them both )

3.0 beta version in first post:


No different functionality added this time, noted suggestions thanks, though the second one is probably not possible due to API limitations.

If you are working out your tools, can you also muddle up your SetActiveTrackwidth tool? (the download link on the tools page went 404 :P)

Will do. I wish I could magic up the old tools page though

I`m gonna be a bit more careful from now on keeping duplicates of all the screen shots and text on the forum, tools site and my own hard drive!

edit: done!

That was quick! :yeah:/>

Just adding my thanks for this little gem!

Updated to renoise 3.1


-Added alternative menu option Collapse When Mixer Device Chosen. Devices will automatically maximise when selected, but other devices will not collapse until you choose the mixer device (first permanent device in the fx chain)

-Code tidy

Thanx so much, its save me lot of time!

1.04 Quick Bug fix on the new mode, when there was no selection on a track it would throw an error:

v 1.2

  • Put the option further into DSP menu under ‘Device Chain’ sub menu, to decrease clutter in main DSP menu
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  • fixed error in shortcut function
  • minor speed improvements elsewhere

v 1.3


`AMX` Toggle Tool Bypass"

  • New shortcut toggles the tool on and off with a status update. Can be useful to bypass the tool when adding devices to doofers as you need to keep the doofer open to drag devices in.
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I started using renoise recently and it was great to have found this tool. I made a small modification for personal use in the script, so that vst fx are minimized by default, only maximizing with double click. Parameters preview is disabled by default, which took up a lot of space when opening vst fx without this change.