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This is a script that will automatically maximize the current DSP in a chain an minimize the rest.

It is enabled via a right-click menu on the DSPs themselves.

As of v 1.03, there is also alternative menu option Collapse When Mixer Device Chosen. Devices will automatically maximise when selected, but other devices will not collapse until you choose the mixer device (first permanent device in the fx chain)

For standard operation, in the following picture the compressor is selected and therefore maximized. If you then select the gate to the right of it, the compressor minimizes and the gate maximizes itself.

auto max.jpg

Feedback as ever appreciated and testing " expected from vV" tongue.gif

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-Added alternative menu option Collapse When Mixer Device Chosen. Devices will automatically maximise when selected, but other devices will not collapse until you choose the mixer device (first permanent device in the fx chain)

-Code tidy

tidied the code a bit and changed the notifiers to more approriate ones. (based on taktiks revsion)
Caught a hanging bug

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Smart stuff!

There does seem to be a bug in here somewhere, which will give you a notice regarding notifiers I seem to get it on beatslaughters demo song but have not replicated it elsewhere. [fixed]

Hopefully I will do (or maybe hopefully not :)) but it would be great if you could let me know if you get the same somewhere.

Will hunt for it,

by the way, it isn’t possible to tab through dsp devices when having focus in the Track Dsp area, right?

If you have a DSP focused (say when middle mouse clicking ) you can use the left and right arrows to select different ones, if I have understood you right?

That’s intuitive man, nice work!

updated to 0_65 think I managed to squish that notifier dialog bug that I mentioned…

Must admit I can not take full credit for the idea just the writing, but thanks for the kind words. :)


I guess i owe you that…
It works phenomenaly, i was suspecting you would do a simple rightclick implementation of a single mode, but you anticipated my thoughts on using notifiers instead!
That would have been my next challengerequest, but now you leave me without questions…
Well, no i’m sorry… i still have a challenge for you left… Parallel to the DSP rack, also show / hide all parameter sliders in the mixer, add a context-menu entry for the mixer to allow separate execution of this extension → do watch carefully though: Some folks probably have hidden and shown certain sliders for a personal reason, so these settings have to be memorized as well and recovered when the option gets untoggled again.

Hint:Abuse Beatslaughter’s Show / hide sliders material.

Nice little helper. Thanks.

Great work! Works beautifully.

One small thing: you should/could use the selected_device_observable,selected_track_observable instead of the selected_device_index_observable,selected_track_index_observable. When for example deleting a device, the index does not change, but the selected device does. Well, just a small detail.

Attached is a version which does so. Also tried to make a bit more clear what happens where with the notifiers. Maybe it gives you some inspiration ;)

very nice stuff!

Thanks to everyone for testing and feedback!

Sounds interesting! though it will have to wait for another day for now, I have a couple of other tools in mind first, though I may be requiring your beta testing again for this in the future…

Thanks, the file you have posted is certainly nice and clear , I will try and incorporate into the next release.

I also tried to use the selected notifiers when first starting the script but wasnt catching the zeros ( I think? as I didnt have the relevant conditional if in yet ) so when deleting a device I got a script hang. Should be a nice improvement to get them back in.

this is awesome,great work

bump for version 1_0. Just a tidy up based on taktiks revision, with the changed notifiers etc.

This lill script is great by the way, just wished the minimized windows would also let you open up the vst gui somehow…something like ‘right mouse click’ on the maximize button, automatically opens the gui window.

Right now, you have to maximize the minimized window first, before being able to open up gui, that or go to the mixer tab and double click.

I have tried using the shortcut for opening the VST editor after single-clicking the DSP. This works quite nicely in theory but the DSP lane needs to have focus (i.e. the DSP not just selected but border hilighted - this is yellow in my theme) and the shortcut currently will not toggle like the one for opening VST instruments. *

The first point could be improved if open VST editors was in the API, so the shortcut could be made global or possibly integrated into this script with notifiers?

  • The second point I have just seen is fixed in the next beta :)


As for your more direct suggestion of right clicking the max button to open editor: At the moment this would need to be directly coded into renoise but gets a +1 from me.

Added to the tools site.

2.7 beta version in first post


2.7 version Now on tools page: