New tool: Chord progression tool

Here is a tool to generate chord progressions out of some random chords.
It is a way to kick-start a new track when out of ideas. Or… That was the idea when creating it :wink:

Since it’s my first tool, and also my first encounter with LUA, it probably has more bugs than lines of code. It do work on my computer though, of course.

It writes to the current pattern. Screenshot of gui below:

More info on the tool page.


That’s cool! :open_mouth: Just joined and have been using renoise for a while but I didn’t even know that it had an available API and that it can be scripted for plugins with LUA. This is great news! Going to check your tool out. Looking good, keep up the good work! :smiley:

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Great tool!

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Hi, I want to add some jazz chords, us the any way I can access the lua?

Chord progression tools are for imposters

Seriously @etromic …nothing against you

Instead of creating predictable progression…Leave human create harmonies…nothing best

except in live

But if this sort of tools can help to create great song…why not

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