New Tool: dAnushri drum pattern generator

@Akiz: thanks! … I simply forgot about putting it on the tool page somehow, will do within the next days.

About using note columns instead of tracks for output: I had that option planned from the beginning, but never implemented it.

Personally, i don’t like using note columns for drum sounds, even with renoise 3 fx chain instruments i rather copy the instrument and use multiple tracks.

I’ll keep it in mind for the next version, but can’t promise anything (anytime soon).

0xrns: what do you mean, it asks if you want to ‘auto-upgrade’ it every time renoise starts?

If that’s the case can you try if the attached version makes any difference?

Otherwise, more info needed …

hello all,

i discover this yesterday sogreat!!

thanks to re:dread

Ignore me, I was being very silly… Thanks for the tool!

ok , stupid question from a noob: I have Successfully installed the script, where do I find it now?

Not seeing in in plugins or effects?

And on second look I have found it on the Tools drop down menu!


I use this tool quite a lot. Really terrific.

But the tools page entry is out of date. The link for

There is a lengthy description of how it works at:

now goes to a a 404 page.

edit - This might be it:

Hi Re.dread and all dAnushri fan users.

Could it be possible to have more than one of this jewel by project or i miss something ?
A tresor hunter.

This is so fun! Great tool! Is is possible to automate the knobs of dAnushri?