New Tool: dAnushri drum pattern generator

Mutable-Instruments “Anushri” synthesizer has a nice built-in drum pattern generator (“generative sequencer”).
I did steal the essential code and made a renoise tool out of it, looks like this:


There is a lengthy description of how it works at:
To make it short:

  • X & Y knobs define the basic pattern
  • The main Bass, Snare and HiHat knobs control the density or amount of hits in the pattern
  • Swing is just a shortcut to the renoise groove settings (controls all four sliders at once)
  • It’s more fun to listen than to look at it

Differences to “real” Anushri are:

  • Velocity values are handled in a different way, in my tool you can adjust the impact of the ‘importance’ of a hit freely with the small “vel” knob
  • the “acc” knob is an addition by me, turned left it will emphasize the notes on the beat, turned right the notes on the offbeat

NOTE: When renoise is in edit/record mode the tool will only write pattern data from the current playback position to the end of the pattern. It’s possible to record variations etc. that way (sortof).
MI Anushri is licensed GPL 3.0, therefor my tool is too.
Happy jammin smile.gif

Works without any flaws.
Very nice tool.

fun stuff.


Ooh, nice touch!

Neat tool thanks!

Thanks for the positive feedback. I attached a new version with updated midi mappings (old version had one mapping that would throw an error, some mappings missing and felt a bit unresponsive.)

i will try it this week end atm i have no time for it seems to be a cool tool :dribble: :guitar:

Update: fixed manual note input (and copy & pasting between note valueboxes).

oooh baby!! that’s a lot of fun, thanks!

I just tried it for the first time and got a fatal error when I tried clicking the BD sel. Renoise crashed and closed.

Windows XP SP3

Edit: Ok tried again, it worked fine after reload. Very nice tool!

please rename a bass to kick :D

I installed this, forgot about, and finally tried it today. Holy damn, it works so smooth and fast! Flawless as near as I can tell. And a great way to jump-start a beat.

Renoise is now the best automated drummer ever now, lol

Agreed, will be changed in the next version (:
Think i’ll put it on the tools page somewhen soon-ish … thanks for testing and feedback everyone!

Just had a play with this, its great fun, works great thanks for sharing. Minor suggestion could you make it so that the tracks are put in a group?

Considering it, not quite sure tho. You can allways put the tracks in a group afterwards, the tool finds the tracks by their names, so it doesn’t matter where they are. That said it would be very simple to insert them into a group when they get generated, but i’ld have to make a config option for it … so, maybe (:

This thing is awesome thanks so much!

Why this is isnt in the tools officialy?
It is one of the most funny tools out there…

Btw there is one weird behaviour with r3.

When you use instrument that is drumpack you have to use columns not different track.

your tool can recognize more collumns and works them with but behaves weird when you delete two remaining tracks it created, then it creates them again and use them. hard to explain, better experiment yourself.