New Tool: Delete Unused



Based on a snippet from the trunk, this tool hides unused note, effect and/or volume/panning/delay columns (and turns hidden ones with values in them back on).

It can also delete tracks without notes in them, but note that it does NOT take devices or automation into account, only notes. So if you generate sound with effects only etc, handle that option with care.

oi, if this works as i think it should then that’s a niftly lil thing!

how can you hide unused columns btw? does the script move notes to the next empty column to the left so it’s as compact as possible?

will try it when i get home.

thank ye! (=

Delete Unused Tracks was an existing script that had been embedded natively since Renoise 2.5, so no real need to add that into this tool as it currently already exists.

Obviously can’t do that as two samples in the same column may overlap each other, then you will be going into NNA settings for playing sample rather than letting them both play at once.

Johann on a roll!

Does anyone still have the Lua code for delete unused tracks? Might be educational.

I still have the zip-pack Bantai made… but have to pour it into the current API standard… it is still in Renoise 2.5 API mode.