New tool (experimental build) Maciulxochitl




FM-ish Organ Sine Pad.xrni (2.5 KB)

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sweeet. thanks for fixing this up, @martblek!!!

zynzilla will get some love in my workflow now :+1:

just gotta say, I love how this community works…

any chance you want to take on fixing up grid pie at some point? It’s probably a bigger project, but it would be truly awesome if we had some better, functional, live performance tools


Just a heads up, selecting c-7 for an oscillator throws an error message

(Screen shot removed)

Oh, i see.
Sample buffer at 2697 and select C-7.
I’ll fix this soon.

PS: pls make my email invisible, coz of very smart bots. thanks.
btw, i must change manifest too :slight_smile:

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Oops, sorry. Took it down. Thanks!

No prob.

Here is the last version of Maciulxochitl 0.017.

cz.martblek.Maciulxochitl-017.xrnx (43.1 KB)

  1. No sample deleting
  2. High Cs bug fixed
  3. Graphic glitch with visible formant filter at start fixed
  4. manifest updated to not show my email.

Next time only Maciulxochitl nextGen because contains electrolytes.
Sure, Not. Maybe.




Is it possible you forward keypresses in your tool, so if for example you want to preview notes pressing the computer keyboard, changing a slider in your tool wont break it? It is mentioned here;

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I’m using midikeys only, sry for this.
Let the keypresses go through :slight_smile:

cz.martblek.Maciulxochitl_018.xrnx (43.2 KB)


Getting lots of very interesting sounds with this. Really fun tool.
Could you shed some light on what the checkboxes left to period/amp/phase do exactly? (in the AXX and XQ panel)

Thanks for asking.
I mean that I have to write a manual for the next version.

After ticking these checkboxes, the wave created in oscillator 1
affects only the selected item in the other oscillators, even without using the OP functions below.
If you only select the amplitude in oscillator 2, the wave from oscillator 1
will be modulated to the amplitude of oscillator 2.
The rest are the same spells.

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Hey, thanks for the quick clarification. Although I have to admit that it doesn’t bring me a lot closer to the “I know what I’m doing” stage :crazy_face: But I’m experimenting my way to it.

There are quite a few great sound generation tools for renoise. I really wish that in a future version it was possible to talk to their parameters via automation/ meta devices.

also I (and my speakers) found out that dc auto offseting the outcome is a pretty good idea when you try to filter or distort afterwards. those aztecs like to dance off center it seems :slight_smile:

tool has an official section.


Not sure if this is a bug or what, but on resetting the patch in the patches tab, the init waveform looks more like a squarified saw than a pure saw:
Screen Shot 2022-12-28 at 8.48.57 AM
whereas if I reload all tools from the tools menu, then open macuilxochitl, it then yields the pure saw as the init wave.
Screen Shot 2022-12-28 at 8.49.50 AM

not sure what’s going on here :upside_down_face:

Can’t confirm :frowning:
After the reset I have a ‘saw’ with 0.5 amplitude.

  1. upload tool > there is ‘saw’

  2. I go to reset > confirm

  3. still ‘saw’ as in the beginning

  4. I change the random values.

  5. reset

  6. ‘saw’

I think it only started doing this after I had saved a patch… Maybe that has something to do with it?

can you somehow reproduce the error?
write a procedure?
i have no problem, i save, upload, reset but still there after reset patch ‘saw’

OK, what’s really strange is that this problem is only apparent in one (of two) copies of renoise I’m running on this machine.

for the problematic one, the steps are

open macuilxochitl
make a patch
reset patch

In the other copy of renoise the patch reset works fine

both renoise versions are the same 3.4.0 and they are calling on the same version of macuilxochitl

OK, weird… it’s working fine now after another reload of all tools. I’m just going to pretend it didn’t happen :upside_down_face:

one other thing. I noticed that macuilxochitl changes the default NNA and interpolation to cut and none, respectively. Is this intended behavior?
Screen Shot 2022-12-28 at 1.38.36 PM

Changing NNA confirmed,
I’ll take a look at it

it is defined as default in config.
my mistake.

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