New Tool: Hex-Dec Converter

tool page

I have spent about one hour of spare time making this silly converter, which could still help you in some situations where you need fast conversion between an hexadecimal and a decimal value.

The tool can be reached by rightclicking the pattern editor or through “Pattern Editor:Tools:Hex-Dec converter” shortcut key.

I have one unresolved issue with the code, though: I had to put two buttons to actually perfomr the conversion because putting conversion code into the change notifiers of the two textfield would create a feedback loop (user change text in Dec textfield => the Dec notifier triggers and changes the text of Hex textfield => Hex notifier triggers and changes the text of the Dec textfield). -> split to [Fixed 2.6] Error While Removing Notifier From Textfield

for the record, there was actualy a bug in remove_notifier() for textfield GUI elements, which taktik found and fixed for next update

There’s something about the geek factor of this tool that makes me feel warm and fuzzy. :P

v.1.2 works on 2.7

Renoise 2.7 does not allow notifiers to trigger themselves, so I had to remove the code which blanked the text fields when invalid data were inserted (for example: an hexadecimal value into the decimal text field)