New Tool: Minimize / Maximize All Dsp Devices

(Ledger) #1

This is a simple one but I thought it may be useful to someone else too.

It simply adds 4 global shortcuts that effect the DSP lane. Min/Max for the selected track and Min/Max for all tracks:

  • Minimize All Devices in Track
  • Maxmize All Devices in Track
  • Minimize All Devices in Song
  • Maximize All Devices in Song

As they are global you do not have to be focused in the DSP lane for these to work.

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New Tool: Auto Maximize Selected Device In Dsp Chain
(It-Alien) #2

it is indeed useful, thanks!

(Ledger) #3

Gotta love being able to sqaush all these little issues in 2.6! :)

(Djeroek) #4

Nice1! Thanks :)

(vV) #5

And now the Single mode addition plz ;)… (select one, minimize the rest)

(Ledger) #6

Sounds Cool! ;)