New Tool: Module Splitter

If you want an easy way to split up your old modules into separate instruments per track then check out my new tool: Module Splitter and save yourself a ton of work!

If someone is any good at gfx / logos and wants to do me a small logo for the tool then this would be most appreciated.

I will add it to the top of the main gui when the tool is running, along with your name.

It will also be displayed in the tools section on the website. Much better than my efforts! Dimensions: 240 x 90.

Hope some of you find a use for Module Splitter. Split up some old mods and watch them playback in multiple tracks in the mixer…looks cool!


Woah, wicked tool. XM graveyard arise!

Works on MODs too :slight_smile:

Is this different from Fladd’s tool? New Tool (2.7): Split Into Separate Tracks

Well, it is not that different, it is basically the same idea. One minor difference is that mine is intended to work per track, while The Module Splitter seems to split all tracks in a module in one go which indeed saves you a couple of clicks when splitting a whole song.
However, mine additionally works for Renoise tracks, which means mine can also deal with multiple note and effect columns.


Ah I see, well nice to see this is completely covered then by both of you :)

I think this thread deserves a bump. Clay, can you repack your tool for the latest Renoise? In 2.8 the tool is disabled by default, but works without errors after updating the ApiVersion tag in manifest.xml to 3.

Its my favorite tool. Its the best tool in the world I think.