New Tool: OSC Jumper (2.8.2, 3.0.1)

Version 1.0 of OSC Jumper has been released.

You can read the details at

It can be downloaded from

OSC Jumper uses OSC (of course) to jump around among patterns and loops.

If you have the Rotate Pattern tool installed it will also handle an OSC messsge to do pattern rotation.

I wrote this because I wanted a way to do live remixing using a smallish number of patterns.

Thanks to all you tool hackers out there; I learned a lot by going over other tools.

More OSC commands will be added over time; I wanted to get a first release out.

UPDATE: Version 1.3 changes how the OSC servers are created. it used to be that the tool attempted to create an internal OSC server to bridge with the Renoise OSC server right when the tool loaded. This had two problems. One, you had a service running all the time even if you were not using the tool. Two, the tool would raise an error on installation if the default OSC settings did not work. Now no OSC servers are started until the use explicitly starts the tool.