New Tool: Progressor

wow, this is so cool! :w00t: thanks, laffik!
it’s a great tool for a “musical dyslexic” (at least if it’s about notation, chords, scales and stuff) like me! ^_^

might be a little off-topic, but here is a tiny tune with a progressor generated chord line.
it’s just a rough sketch after i played around with progressor yesterday:

I’m glad if Progressor is useful. New version is coming soon.

Ok, folks! It’s time to explore the darkside…

Here comes new version of Progressor with harmonic minor added.

Harmonic minor scale contains new chords:

  • two major chords (5th and 6th chord in the scale)
  • two minor chords (1st and 4th chord in the scale)
  • two diminished minor chords (2nd and 7th chord in the scale)
  • one, new, augmented major chord (3rd chord in the scale)

Almost every second chord is dissonant because of two diminished chords and one augmented chord. Harmonic minor scale sounds special, different from major scale, and is often named, as well as other minor scales, sad or dark.
So, let’s explore the darkside…

New features of new Progressor v0.2:

  • harmonic minor scale
  • skipping - some tones of the lead are ignored during matching, so chordline with skipping is more calm, chord changes occure more rarely, but is more dissonant because of tones in close distance from each other.

and features requested on forum:

  • pattern indexes counted from 0 (Jonas)
  • window remains open (Conner_BW)
  • key shortcuts passed to renoise (thanks to Conner_BW for example)

and also:

  • hyperlink to my website with mp3 downloads links added

Greetings to all who downloaded Progressor v0.1 (over hunderd downloads! :w00t: ) and found it useful. I hope you’ll find the new version at least as useful as previous one.


0.2 is great stuff!

Ladies and gentlemen!

Third version of Progressor is published.

New features:

  • 4 voice polyphony
  • half skipping
  • no arp mode - mode solving problems with dissonant chords described by ToybOx here


Thanks, I use this tool all the time!

I’m very glad it is usefull :)

Hello everybody!

Here is current version of Progressor, compatible with Renoise 2.7. Have fun!

Thank you! This is so useful.

Like a chili dog, this creation is so wonderful and so horrible at the same time. It makes me sick to my stomach but i love it. Thanks!

Great! I am preparing new version, with new chords sorting criteria that will make dissonant chords occure less often and maybe I will do progression for user-defined scales too, so don’t go anywhere! :drummer:

Wonderful! Looking forward to any updates. I’m just learning to use this tool, since I’ve been scared of chord progressions all my life.

One question, would it be possible to copy the note-offs from the selected-track to the Progressor-generated section? :)
Having to do them now by hand feels like something Progressor itself could do ? :)

Sure. It will be done as an option.


Thankyou :lol:

Ladies and gentelmen!

I’m proud to announce new version of Progressor. Progressor v0.5. :D

It’s been a year of having fun with automatic progressions. During this year Progressor evolved from a short tool for major scale only to larger tool with few scales, poliphonies and modes.

It has counted over 1200 downloads. :rolleyes:

Today the version 0.5 is waiting for approval and soon will be available on renoise tools page.

This release brings light to dark subject of progressions in minor scales. From now, new progression modes are available. Modes that allows user to decide how the chords are sorted before matching. Previous versions matching algorythm (Dissonances: allowed) was to find the chord that containins new, played note and is most similar to it’s predecessor. It caused dissonant chords being matched when they were most similar and the change was smallest. Now user can choose new modes. Dissonances: fewer - mode that matches chords as consonant as possible but preserving at least one same tone between chords. It causes dissonant chords occuring rarely and makes whole progression more consonant. However dissonant chords still occure in few cases. So there is another mode - Dissonances: none - that matches only most consonant chords, taking care about similarity of chords in second turn. It causes that dissonant chords occure only if scale doesn’t contain any consonant chords containing played note.

…and now, finally, I can say it does progressions properly…


I have done copying note off’s option for esaruoho’s request too.

Now, before the tool will be accepted officially by Renoise, try to download the tool from attachment and have fun with calm progressions in minor and major scales generated with Progressor.

Thanks, testing this baby tonight!

So… :blink: How was the night Jonas? Hope it was totally awesome :)

good, good :) , haven’t yet made a new tune or something, just tested if it worked without crashing and it hasn’t yet! :drummer: