New Tool: Reslider

Put something together to visualize and adjust note delays, volume and pannings.
It’s pretty basic so far (report bugs! feedback welcome!).
(I plan to use it as base for doing a script to create real dread grooves when it’s finished :D )
check it out here:

looks good,will check it out,and post here when i have taken it for a spin

EDIT:jut some quick first impressions

i get a error message when i press clear.

maybe its a matter of getting used to it,but i dont think the split after feature is working that good,but as i said maybe thats a question of getting used to how it work

Could it be possible that you changed the pattern length AFTER you opened the script?
As i mentioned it doesn’t update to external changes so far, but as a work-around it should work to just open it again after changing the pattern length (i hope you did :D … otherwise it’s a bug)

Nice1 Redread! :slight_smile:

One thing I wonder about these slider-gui scripts like yours and zynzilla is, if it is possible to ‘draw’ in the values over multiple sliders instead of having to slide values for every slider individually? Would be a nice feature imo for quick gestures.

awesome!! can’t wait when I get to actually, uhm, make music with Renoise again (haha) - I always wanted something like this. yay for scripting!

yeah that would be a nice feature

hey, thanks for all the feedback (here and and on the tools page) so far :)

trust me, i’ld love to be able to “draw” over multiple sliders, but from what i see in the documentation i don’t think it’s possible (atm).

one thing that personally annoys me is that it’s not easy to find the right sliders for pan and delay, so i might add something to show where the notes and OFF’s actually are.
besides that, some form of updating the view will hopefully be added soon :walkman: