New Tool: Selector


Selector (Changelog)[/center]

1.) The upper part shows information about the current selection/sample,

2.) The middle part allows you (with either selection or loop), to set the size, add to size, subtract from size, or move to left/right by frames, seconds, % of selection, % of loop, % of preset or % of sample, defining the anchor point (the point that stays fixed, while the other end gets moved to accomodate the new size) as outer left, inner left, center, inner right, outer right of either selection, sample or loop.

The move left/right buttons are separated to point out that they ignore the anchor, but that kinda falls down because of the checkbox, which toggles clipping and applies to basically everything. Let’s say you move a selection to far, or increase its size too much - should the selection then be truncated to respect the boundary, or should it be moved back to respect the target size? That’s what clipping is (I guess ideally there should be a third option, “do nothing”)

3.) The lower pane allows you to store and recall presets (here you also select the preset to be used with “% of preset”)


– There is some sample rate conversion going on. If you select the first 10 seconds of a sample with one sample rate, store that as preset, and recall that preset on a simple with a different sample rate, that will be converted (same thing if you use “% of preset” in combination with a preset that has a different sample rate)
– The target (selection or loop) toggle applies to transformations as well as to storing and recalling presets.
– You can start as many instances of this thing as you want, they are independant of each other (which is the reason I decided to not store presets etc. in the preferences, too confusing imho, you can’t have everything ^^)

Well, I hope that didn’t scare you off :P Enjoy!

Wow, I don’t exactly understand what this tool does, but the GUI looks sexy. :D

Looks interesting!

yeah it’s overkill… I just wanted to store selections as presets and move them around, but one thing lead to another XD

maybe try something like making a selection, chosing “% of selection” and entering 100, then moving the selection left or right, (driving it against the wall with clipping turned on and clipping turned off). Or select something, set anchor to inner left of selection, then grow the selection by 10% of the current selection.

or, stuff. ^^

adding your latest update, I got:

[i]"‘C:\Users\plugexpert\AppData\Roaming\Renoise\V2.6.0\Scripts\Tools\de.johann-lau.Selector.xrnx’ failed to load.

Please remove this tool or contact the author (Unknown author) for assistance…

std::logic_error: ‘invalid key binding entry: name should be defined as ‘scope:topic:name’’
stack traceback:
[C]: in function ‘add_keybinding’
main.lua:10: in main chunk"[/i]

oops sorry, added that at the last minute. fixed!

this one looks good,but im a bit confused about what its used for(sorry i got the hangovers)

Ey Johann, ‘fixed’…but you haven’t updated the dl link yet, right? Am still getting the error notice.

heh no problem, even I don’t know… and I coded it sober. :lol:

my main use or it is to select the same region in different samples. I guess you could use it for manual beatslicing, too? Dunno. :P

hmm I redownloaded what I uploaded, works for me?

installed the dl again and now, no immediate error notice, though when I made a selection in a sample and pressed ‘set’ in your tool, I got:

[i]"Script ‘C:\Users\plugexpert\AppData\Roaming\Renoise\V2.6.0\Scripts\Tools\de.johann-lau.Selector.xrnx\main.lua’ failed in one of its notifiers:

No matching overload found, candidates:
void (SampleBuffer&,long)
stack traceback:
[C]: ?
[C]: in function ‘__newindex’
[string “do…”]:22: in function <[string “do…”]:11>
selector.lua:252: in function selector.lua:249"

well yeah. I can rid of that error message ofc, (done for the next update) but that will never be a valid operation: you have to enter values before you can set the selection to those values.