New tool: Show delay times in status bar (v1.1)

Just a little tool that shows various delay times in the status bar for the currently set BPM, might be handy when setting pre-delay times and such stuff.

Look for the “show Delay Times in status bar” key binding.



Updated v1.1 (15/6/22): Added a preferences screen
com.shockbroker.DelayTimes.xrnx (2.1 KB)


Ah, this is great, man! I’m always referencing this info externally, so I’m sure this will see some use for me :+1:

Thank you!!! :fire: :metal: :fire:

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Would it be possible to up the precision to a few decimal places? That would improve its utility for me quite a bit, as I’m often using delay elements as resonators synced to tempo/pitch

It would also be sweet to have pitch classes selectable as a reference. See here for what I mean: Delay–Pitch Conversions

Not sure how much more you want to work on this tool, but if you’re looking for something to add, these features would be awesome

Yeah I’ll probably make a preferences window that shows all the delay times with dotted/triplets and add “show in status bar” and “show decimals” checkboxes so you can pick exactly what is shown in the status bar.

I’m blank regarding the Delay to Pitch usefulness. Is it something you use to time the exact beginning of a note cycle or how would you use it?

delay to pitch is useful for creating tuned resonators, and in sound design for tuned pitches/pitch classes. For example, say I have a song in the key of C and I want to take an inharmonic sound design element and make it gel better within the context of the song. If I slap a resonator tuned to C on it it instantly adds some resonant harmonic character to the sound. a lot of psytrance is harmonically oriented, so I end up using this technique a lot.

It would be awesome to simply have a table of pitch values and their corresponding ms delay values that could be called up independently of the delay times in the status bar. If you wanted to incorporate this, I’d be happy to work up the table and send it to you

This is super! I can now skip the calculator when I use Renoise.

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You can do that in the latest update :wink:

I’ve just watched a Dash Glitch video about using the currently free Kilohearts resonator to make the sound you talk about, quite cool stuff for Psytrance. I do make a bit of trance now and then, next time I do I’ll have a proper look at this technique.


i wasn’t aware that is doable. so we could infact have even more infos in the lower part of renoise?

thanks for this!