New Tool: Sloper


EDIT: Click here for Sloper Tool download link

What I’m really missing from the Renoise sampler is the ability to do custom volume fades.

The most common one I apply in my external sample editor is a volume boost from 115% to 100%. I use it on pretty much everything to add a bit of extra attack.
Kicks, snares, hats, basses, synth stabs, crashes etc. all benefit IMO. I set the fade up to a keyboard shortcut so that after normalizing I can range the start
of a snare, lets say, and tap F3 a couple of times to bring the start of the sample up to max vol with out touching or clipping the rest of the sample.

In its simplest form the tool would just pop-up a dialog box with two text boxes, Start Vol & End Vol, each one accepting a percentage or ratio, and apply that to the current selection.
If it could remember the last used values, that would be a bonus.

Could one of you geniuses knock this up for me, please? I’ll donate you some paypal pennies…

Please and Thanks,



This is such a good idea!
I’ll make this. On the desktop even, if I still can’t get my laptop to start.

PS I’m gonna try and implement a few slopetypes, but just so you know, advanced slope types are possible with Overtune in edit mode by multiplying with the env function, or just max(sqrt(1-T)-.25, 0) for instance

Such a tool would be good when sampling a records fade-out as well (often a few bars without vocals, but dying in volume), and getting it kind of flat, normal sounding :) . It will introduce some noise surely.

Hey here’s Sloper, version 1.0 => nl.jeweett.Sloper_Rns280_V1.xrnx

Usage instructions:

  • Select part of the sample you want to fade in/out (e.g. mine are Shift+Alt+I and Shift+Alt+O respectively, analogous to the existing fade shortcuts)
  • Set and use the “Sloper” in/out keyboard shortcuts (Renoise preferences > Keys; menu entries coming up in next versions)
  • Press to switch between ‘in’ and ‘out’ setting
  • Press left and right arrow keys to switch keyboard focus from one area to another
  • Use up/down arrow keys to modify values with step +/- 1, or type numerical value on keyboard (displayed in bottom of window, delete removes number sequence)
  • Press to apply current slope (window remains open to use setting multiple times)
  • If needed: select another part of the sample, modify parameters, and press again
  • Finally, press to close the Sloper window

5 different slope modes, low/high, and fade in/out setting. At the moment it’s tested especially for keyboard operation, working with mouse + keyboard combo should work equally well (have to fix updating the “current tab” visualization maybe, stuff like that, core functionality will work)
know that the amp low/high values range from 0% to 200%, and that the slopes are linear, exponential, roots, and a cosine from 0 to pi and a atan from -1 to 1.
Please let me know if you find any bugs, there’s bound to be some! (and perhaps the topic title can be changed to include something like ‘New Tool: Sloper’? Thanks Mykra)

screenshot of a overtune sine sample with 16 iterations, with multiple slopes applied on different selections

wow Cas!!

i cant wait to get home to try this!!

thanks v much

Haha it’s alright thanks!

ps I’m thinking about saving the slope/fade settings so one could do a “repeat last slope” or save a default one, to have a simple shortcut that you can use. Right now this is partly implemented by just not closing the window by default, so you can indeed hit enter a few times.

Great stuff, Cas! Really appreciate your time spent on this.

I had a quick play…

Was able to perform the kind of ‘Slope Amp’ i was after! And with the different slope types…

I found the interface a little confusing initially, but the functionality is there, and more.

Values for (or instead of) the sliders might be good. Some error messages did pop up. I dont have time tonight to get right into it, but I will this weekend.

I see you’ve got a donate link in your sig (and some music to check out). Will do.



P.S. the “repeat last slope” func would be supersweet.

Thanks for the tool!

Is there only a keyboard shortcut for this thing, a right mouse click menu entry in the sample editor would be great, or maybe I’m blind and it is already there somewhere?

I would have sworn this would be a distortion plug. (sloper means destroyer in Dutch :lol:/>)

Well it does Sloop een beetje, if you amp it too much :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
that’s exactly why I liked it for a name but anyways

@Djeroek: that is a good idea, will do (how’s “Fade in custom” for a name? Or should it just be “Slope in/out”)

Furthermore I’d like to get as much feedback on this as can be, especially on bugs or other things you can see improved like mouse operation of the tool; @Mykra do you think simple values like the ‘parameter’ value is now, is a better solution then the sliders? Maybe I should make a poll??

Maybe just keep it the current tools name to avoid confusion, having two different names in sub-menus for the same tool?

As time is money ;) , in general I think it is good custom for a tool maker to explain where the tool can be found and basic usage in the attachment post. After searching for the tool, I was searching for a generate button in the gui, but quickly found out I should press enter on the keyboard. Am I right that clicking the tabs doesn’t do anything, yet?

new version: 0.3

  • value-typing routine has been improved, action is now functional
  • context menu was added (sorry Djeroek, no submenuing… they could be in Process submenu maybe… I don’t know)
  • (warning) shortcut names were changed, you have to set them again

@Mykra, I would be pleased if you could also put this link in the top post (link to post containing current version)

would be cool, makes sense.


when choosing arctangent setting on a small sample selection eventually I got:

Thanks, updated

Hi Cas,

This is great, thanks!

Typing values for the sliders works great (now I noticed that you got backspace added!)

I’ll be using this tool very often as it is…

However, I’m needing to move the focus to the sample window in order to use ‘ctrl-z’ for undo, which stops ‘Enter’ from working, but it’s no problem really!
Maybe you could make ‘Ctrl-z’ function from inside Sloper? I guess this would be easier than adding ‘Apply’ and ‘Undo’ buttons. Hope I’m not asking to much!!

I donated you a few drinks.

Cheers again,



PS brilliant, thanks

The undo makes it really easy to quickly try-out the different slope types on a selection.

Awesome, thanks for the update.

thanks for this !

i posted many years ago, that Renoise lacked this function even though custom volume fades existed in Fasttracker 2

Finally ! :walkman: