New Tool: Transpose Instruments

What it’s for:

This is a simple but helpful tool made for people being used to transpose a song up and down regularly through-out the process of composing it. You might prefer this tool instead of using advanced edit to transpose the whole song, for the following reasons:

  1. It transposes the instruments, meaning that your pattern data will stay in the key you might be most comfortable working with.

  2. Adding the phrase “no transpose” in an instruments name will prevent this from getting transposed. This is good for percussion samples/plugins that you want to prevent from being transposed.

What it does:

It increases or decreases the transpose property (sample, plugin and midi) of all instruments. It doesn’t touch instruments having “no transpose” somewhere in the instrument name.

It will add a menu under the top Edit menu, named “Transpose all instruments”, and keybinds under Global:Instruments.

Let me know if you have any use for it, and feel free to make any suggestions for improvements!

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this could be of use


Anyone using this and have any feedback?

I find it very useful. It’s actually the only tool i use regularly :)

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I was thinking of creating a different transpose routine where you can create include/exclude filters to apply (which noterange to transpose and which to keep intact and which instruments to involve)
Allows me to stay off certain notes (for keyswitching) in the same track throughout the whole song.
I haven’t tried this one though, i’m wondering how it would affect plugin instruments.

Another method which would be good to have for song transpose would be the same as advanced edit. i.e. you transpose the pattern data up/down but you could use the tracks mute states as a filter for drums etc.

So transpose all un-muted tracks by x semitones.

Then you could add ranges as vV suggests for this aswell, if it fits your goals.

Thanks for the tool.

I’m quite happy with the adv edit whole song transposer as it is, but it would be a good idea if it could respect muted tracks indeed.

This tool was just made for people who want the quickest way of transposing a song back and forth (some of us like to do that while tracking/composing, due to the well known ear blindness kicking in after a couple of minutes). That’s why it shouldn’t have a gui with options. I think it’s preferrable to transpose all the instruments instead of the song data in this case.

Fair enough, maybe another little project to add to my long personal list :)

Good point about the transposing giving a fresh perspective on a song, I often chuck a DSP pitch shift on the master for this reason, and it is amazing so hear odd notes stand out that can hide in the ear blindness as you say!

Ear blindness? Never heard that before, but somehow I have a feeling this is most prominent in the low frequency spectrum?

Anyway, this is a great tool, thanks !!

Could be some of that aswell but I`d say its more a case of “loop stare” :blink: i.e. you get used to what you hear so many times, you selectively miss the bad bits.

Yes, I was tempted to look up a definition but that sounds about right. By low frequency, what I meant was that it’s probably easier for some detail to “hide” itself in that range, because much of it is hardly audible. It really helps then, to be able to bring up the pitch a bit.

Yes thinking about it I do tend to pitch things up for this “trick”

(Here comes the thread resurrector :D )

Thanks, this works very well!!!

Suggested improvement: add keybindings/menuentries to transpose only one instrument at a time? Should be simple to tweak it =)

(Here comes the own tool promoter :P)
Did you know you can do this really easily with InstrMixer?
(launch, Z, K/L)