New Tools (2.7): Effectcolumnkeys, Loopblockrangekeys, Playbackkeys

Three simple tools for easier workflow.

Creates some keyboard shortcuts for editing the pattern effects values. Basically it lets you use keys to increase/decrease the value of the patterncommand on which you are standing. You can also jump directly to an effect column.

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Introduces these keyboard shortcuts:

Pattern Editor:Navigation:Move to Next Note or Effect Column
Pattern Editor:Navigation:Move to Previous Note or Effect Column
The standard renoise jump to next/previous column skips effect columns, these shortcuts dont. Can be used instead of or toghether with the standard keyboard shortcuts.

Pattern Editor:Insert/Delete:Increase FX/Vel by 1
Pattern Editor:Insert/Delete:Decrease FX/Vel by 1
If cursor is on a effect column, change the value of that effect by 1. Never changes the type of effect (first two hex digits).
If cursor is on note column (or volume, pan, dly), changes the velocity of note by 1.
If volume column is already used for something other than velocity, do nothing.
Only works in edit mode.

Pattern Editor:Insert/Delete:Increase FX/Vel by 16
Pattern Editor:Insert/Delete:Decrease FX/Vel by 16
If cursor is on a effect column, change value by 16, same as changing the x in a pattern effect command zzxy
If cursor is on note column (or volume, pan, dly), changes the velocity by 16.
If volume column is already used for something else than velocity, do nothing.
Only works in edit mode.

Update 1.2
Removed the play/stop shortcut and added it to PlaybackKeys instead.


Change the length of the loopblock with keyboard.

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Creates these shortcuts:
Global:Transport:Double LoopBlock Range
Global:Transport:Half LoopBlock Range


Set a bookmark and then playback from that position regardless of where the edit position is. So if you want to edit a tricky passage you can set the bookmark a just before the passage and then change, playback, repeat without having to jump back with the edit cursor everytime you want to play it back.

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Creates these shortcuts:
Global:Transport:Set Bookmark
Sets a bookmark at the current edit position

Global:Transport:Play/Stop from Bookmark
Global:Transport:Play/Stop from Current Line

Update 1.1
Simpler code (workaround for Renoise bug that no longer exists removed)


yes. this should be possible native, thanks for a great tool.

great idea(s), but you might want to consider adding a option (GUI, i’m aware you can edit the script) to specify the amount of steps (so you can do more than just 1 or 16).

Well 1 and 16 are needed for some effects, such as retrigger, where it works on a xxyz basis, rather than xxyy, as you need to be able to change y and z separately, so I was happy to see this as it was something I was going to mention but seems it was already thought about.

Sure having something sort of like editstep would be elegant, but I like to keep things simple.

The way it works now the +/- 16 gets rounded to the nearest 0x10,0x20,0x30 etc value. So if you want to change yz you have to change y first. I did it this way mostly because it looks more elegant when editing xxyy type values. Maybe it would be better to do +/-16 without rounding?

Oh. My assumptions it’s due to the xxyz type effects misproven. I would say best to have without rounding so it can be used for those. Unsure really though as I can see where a Snap kind of operation may also be desirable. Also a x2 (/2) function(s) may come in useful to some. (Double/Half I mean if you didn’t understand.)

I changed it so there is no rounding.

Added a tool but cant seem to change the topic. Should be: New Tools (2.7): Effectcolumnkeys, Loopblockrangekeys, PlaybackKeys

You could also open a new topic for it instead, unless their functionalitiesare all bonded together.

They are all small tools that deals with workflow so I thought Ill keep things collected.