New Tools: Channel Router And Note Router

Here are two tools for routing midi notes to separate tracks and instruments.

Channel Router splits midi notes by channel: notes on midi channel 1 are sent to track 1, instrument 0; notes on channel 2 are sent to track 2, instrument 1, etc.

Note Router only transmits C4 notes. The base note (C4 by default) triggers instrument 0 on track 1; the next note triggers instrument 1 on track 2, etc.

Both tools require that the OSC server is running in TCP mode on port 8000.

This is the first version, so don’t be too surprised if you experience crashes or unexpected behavior.

Let me know what you think, or if you encounter any problems.


Nice tool.

It would be nice if this alert would show up in Renoise.

The error I got wasn’t very helpful (e.g. Socket fetch of foreign address failed (22: ‘Invalid argument’))

Instead of “Failed to start the OSC client. Error: %s”, maybe " Failed to start the OSC client. This tool requires the OSC server be running in TCP mode on port 8000. Error: %s" or something?

Good point, I will fix that in the next version.