New Toy Today!!

I got a new Numark Mixtrack Pro!!!

So far I’m working on a mix involving Nero and Magnetic Man. Its so much fun!! I’m using it to control Virtual DJ Pro software.

so is that software really called Virtual DJ Pro

How do you ‘work’ on a mix with a mixingdesk? Isn’t that for mixing on the go?

Maybe practicing it live until he gets it perfect, and then he’ll record a perfect session? :)

maybe he just wanted to brag about his new toy.

Its for live performances and such

Ah, so you’re practicing with mixing!

I would not rely on that cough piece of crap… That thing is a toy!

Scary/worrying that Numark now own Akai Pro and thus all MPC and studio range of their equipment innit! :(

yes very worrying. we’ll never see the same quality again.

Exactly. I’m not a pro. I bought this having never touched a mixer before. A guitar player doesnt start out on a Gibson. He buys the cheap one to learn on, then after he gets good he buys a nice guitar.

The first guitar I got was a gibson les paul '86. It’s pretty banged up though, I’m thinking of selling it and buying a good cheap one :wacko:

Why are you selling it if it’s banged up? Is it all just cosmetic? Because learning on an upper end guitar tends to stop you from forming bad habits, and heavy or light handed techniques that are down to poor build and parts which you then have to work hard at later to break.

Well, there’s a bit of fretwear and I’m almost sure the volume and tone pots don’t work propperly. I wouldn’t know for sure though, since I never had a “good”/new guitar :rolleyes:
It’s playable alright. Maybe I should sell it and put in a few hundred to buy a new Gibson :lol:

It’s not good to learn on a cheap guitar, if you’re dedicated buy a real good one.

td6d: you should fix your old one instead of buying a new guitar, it will probably sound better and you save a little bit of rain forest.

Refretting, new pickups and pots set me back a LOT of money. Money I don’t have. First world problems yo…

I play guitar and I used to tech them for a lot of my mates back home as well and I highly doubt that a 15yo guitar would need re-fretting THAT badly. I imagine a basic service would sort it. The pickups should still be diamond as well, take it to a tech, talk to them, get a quote. A standard service should only cost you about $50, a rewire and some new pots would only be an additional $20, alternatively find a mate who’ll undercut them (like I used to for mine). Also, Gibson’s new guitars are of a much lower QC standard than the older ones, this coupled with what The Bellows said about the rain forest (they do chop roads into rain forest just to get to one mahogany or dalbergia tree because it’s worth that much in guitars) is much of a reason to keep that guitar.

It’s from '86, so that makes it 25yo ;)
Maybe I’ll get a markup/offering(?) on what the costs would be…

I love the sight of this one:

Not too expensive and I like the bluesy sound and feel. Too bad I can’t play guitar at all :lol: (well, I’m learning, slowly)

Yeah get a quote, even if it’s 25 years old it’s still unlikely that it needs new frets. Just curious as to why you think it does seeing as you say you can’t play guitar? Because it it’s just something simple like fret buzz you just need to get your truss adjusted and the string height set.

Also I’d strongly advise learning on a solid body before you go to a hollow because they feedback like crazy and you’ll just piss yourself off and stop playing.