New track and first post

Hi everyone, I’ve been using Renoise for three years or so, but I’ve never really got involved in the forums until now. This is a track I’ve been working on, kind of a new style for me, based more on chopped up samples and fx column work. I will happily take some constructive criticism, I’m definitely more of a “songwriter” musician and the electronic side of music still isn’t very intuitive for me. Arranging, mixing, etc., all that stuff I’d like some feedback on. Thanks for listening!

Edit November 2016: Haven’t made electronic music in a while, I deleted this Soundcloud.

I enjoyed listening, it is interesting rhythm. Maybe more bassline, but that is my personal opinion. Just chop it more and make it longer :guitar:

, and Welcome here !! : D

Thanks for the suggestions! Layering other instruments (basslines, drums, speech) on top of full samples is something I’ve been trying to get right. So far the multiple parts sound disjointed, but I’m working on it.

Interesting. I like it. The length is good. Maybe add a hook of some kind in the lower register. (I’m a fan of bass hooks).

As some would say, gr8 m8, i r8 8/8.
You should add a bigger bass though… and a download link.

Ah, I didn’t know I had to manually enable downloads with Soundcloud. I just fixed it.