New Track - Evening Sun

(René) #1

Hello Renoisers,

new track out: Evening Sun. Music is a bit grown-up, very conventional, easy listening and even maybe suitable for your elevator’s ambience ;-).

Tell me, what you think & happy listening,

(cantti) #2

Very nice! It reminds me 80s music a lot.

(lhaastdaiz) #3

Nice track. I’ve never felt more like going on a cruise ship.

I think the trumpet in the first half works very well. Everything else sounds good, smooth, but not memorable. The trumpet’s melody is great and sticks in your head.

The three short ideas just after half-way are a bit distracting. Maybe making a B section out of one and giving it more time would work better.

I strongly wanted the trumpet to reappear at the end, to add a sense of timelessness, like when the cruise is over: you get off the ship but the ship sails on.

(orrigans) #4

I’m a total sucker for those 80’s FM bells right in the beginning! The trumpet part reminds me of an old TV show theme or something, in fact the whole track has a kind of PBS show vibe, I mean that in a good way. I like it, listened a couple times now.

(René) #5

Thanks for your replies (seems, I didn’t get E-Mail notifications on this, sorry) !