New Track "Handsup"

Hey everyone,

New track!

I’m liking this one personally… love the Piano loop, from Sony sample pack but reminds me of 90’s rave. Enjoy…


The intro sounds promising but that stops abruptly when the hands go in the air :(
(You have to know that we have Regi from Milk Inc. here in Belgium whose trademark it is to ask his public to throw their hands in the air)


Listening to your other tracks, I found this one a little lost, especially the bass (could use some automation maybe) and the drums (more variation). But then again, I noticed in the upper right corner that it’s a work in progress. Good luck!

This would have been more than enough critisism. The rest has no further value for the composer nor anyone else here. Highlight what works in the song and stick to what you technically consider that can be improved without extending degrading matters. It is about motivating the composer to help him further, not embarrasing the composer.

I usually give out warnings in private but since this shall be my last, it will be in public this time:
If i notice any next comment of yours extended with an aggressive tone it will be two weeks cooldown for you.
(You are still on my (and other’s) watchlist remember?)

Hi everyone,

Thanks for the feedback. I probably should put WIP in the title and more info but I get so carried away with the excitment of just about having the track done and uploaded for you to hear :)

Good to get mixed views, healthy for me to hear what people think. I had a different reaction on IRC last night, the tune went down really well.