New Track: Ice


Me and a friend of mine just got done editing this track.

For once we wanted to base our song on a “theme”, and, seeing as it’s winter, we chose “Ice”.

Who knows, when summer comes around, we might just make one called “White Beaches With Ladies in Bikinies Walking Around Serving Drinks Under A Hot Sun”… :D

Maybe not :huh:

Tell me what you think, please!

Thanks :)

Right Click, Save As

PS: Also on the “song page”

Link`s not working here!

Strange beans :huh:

It works alright here. Also a friend of mine managed to download it.

Anyone else have this problem?


If so, check if it’s possible to download it from the songs page.



Just tried again and is working alright now. Listening shortly will be back wiv a reaction… :)

p.s. Dufey I hope thats not your official signiature you`re broadcasting on the net… ;)


Of course not


:ph34r: :blink::) :D

Right, had a chance to listen to your song properly now. Think the structure is good but there are a couple of things I would do different personally.
The fade out of the strings volume at the beggining is a nice idea but I think it would work better if you didn`t fade them back in immediately before you bring in the rest of the tune. The impact would be greater if the fade went to silent then the tune comes in.
Other thoughts I had were a bit more use of the vocals and variation in them would help and maybe a bit of distortion on them occasionally. Also a few ghost hits on the beat might work but this would need experimentation to get it right for this style being fairly slow.

Hope some of this is of use, keep it up!

yip good one :)

sharing the most opinions from ledger.
In addition the bassdrum could be a bit dirtier and more with width to give the beats a fuller feeling… but this is my taste :rolleyes:



ehh??? which sig???

It vanished with the quote youve taken from Dufey. You can ask him if you would like to see it but I dont know if he`ll want to put it back on the net :D

Sorry for not having seen your replies earlier

Thanks alot for your feedback!


And yes the beat is a little “plain”… the fade out, then in, of the strings was actually a fluke, meaning it wasn’t supposed to happen, but we thought it was a nice little feature so we kept it :rolleyes:

Thanks alot (again) for your comments!


this song reminds me of the old days - demostyle riffs and rhythm. most parts seem ‘tracked’, it’s got that digital feel to it, not so natural. the drumtrack needs a bit more life in it. the string fade-out/in part did sound a little awkward, though.

but the tune is nice and good, probably more of a melody might help. i like the instruments, high quality stuffs.

keep it up :)