New Track In Progress (303ad)

as usual i’m looking for some input before going further with the track.
it’s a work in progress, i patched patterns around (no transition), it’s quite short so feel free :D

it’s here. I think it’s a hardcore trance or goa track, anyway it’s techno style (i think). :blink:

i like having inputs about the overall quality of the track skeleton. :rolleyes:

First of all, VERY sweet 303 lead! :D

Uhm, The drums are very basic. But I guess that’s the point right? Maybe later, it’d be nice to hear a “clap” or sumthin on every two base drums :rolleyes: Very basic that also, but it’d do good to the rythm.

About the sharp synth that comes in a bit later. at 38 secs… Not so sure about this… Well, I mean, the sound is alrite, but I don’t know if I like the melody. Too… Simple? Uhm, I would like to hear more “notes” on it, more hits, sorta, to make it sound more alive.

Really nice quality overall tho.

Two things I’m wondering about here, since i’m kind of a bassline-freak myself :P

  1. What vsti did u use (if any) to create that 303?


  1. I notice that the delay on the 303 lead is “darker”, how did u do this?

Looking forward to hearing the full version once it’s finished B)

thx for taking the time. Yeah the drum is very basic atm, it’s kind of a “metronome” for me so far, just to keep the rythm flow, i’ll upgrade it when i’m satisfied with overall sound :).

i’ve changed a bit the sharp synth which came at 38s, and changed quite a lot around too, even added some chord (my bad, but i’m not sure i’m gonna stick with that night mood thing).

for the 2 303 bass line i used Audio realism Bassline, which is truely the best 303 emulation i have encountered, and so nice :D.

i’m not sure about the 2), since i changed quite a bit stuff around, tell me if it’s still there.

you can check the track at the same place, here

Hey! Awesome, the second bassline that comes in at around 22 (if it’s a bassline) is really sweet!

yeah, the delay effect i described in 2. is still there…

u know, the first bassline, when the bassline starts at first, it gets the delay a while after… and it sounds a bit… darker, like, muffled, in the background, i really like this effect… :) if you have any idea how you did this, please let me know :P

About the track, it’s nice, better than the other one u had up here hehe, it’s better now, and well, the only thing i can see missing now, as a start that is, is a bass, maybe between the bassdrums.

Typical, but it does the works :)

Sweet! :yeah:

it’s Spinaudio 3Ddelays “Hi-Cut Echoes” Fx :). It eats 8% cpu for me on that track.

I like the track overall… it’s airy but not too much and with a nice drive to it… nice use of instrumental effects and addage to build it up…
one thing that doesn’t do it for me is the lead… it doesn’t sit that well in the mix… imho… and it kind of reminds me of those old st-01 leads that flourished in the 80’s… since the rest is very tight and sits well it seems to me that the lead muffles out the bass and chords…
but all in all I think your on track… :P

got that, i also thought the synth lead was a bit out of hand, i also made change to the chords the mood was too sad :).

same place if you care. I’m getting close to having the right mix of sounds, i’ll soon add a melody and add some more pattern breaks etc… after that it’ll be Remix time !.. :D

nice… a lot smoother and tighter… the new changes “does” it for me B)
with an intro and your planned enhancements this’ll be a nice one in your
production, I think… keep it up and don’t forget to let us hear the final result… :yeah:


Nice one. :)

Yeah let us hear the finished version and after you released it search for a demogroup and sync it to a demo with them B)

Yes I believe this could be a cool demo :yeah: