New track just released, Ninth Shadow And The Painted Sky

Hi, long time since I shared some music on here. Here’s a new track, released today on a compilation by the label Traum - melodic / progressive techno:

(also available on Beatport, Apple Music, etc, the full compilation here)

Appreciate if you check it out, cheers.
Produced in Renoise, and featuring a MakeNoise 0-Coast, Moog Sub Phatty, JV-1080, Drumbrute and my girlfriend’s background humming vox :slight_smile: Oh - and not to forget: @slujr 's “Tweaky Drum”, used for the blip blops in the background all the way throughout + for the ending. Thanks Slujr for a fun XRNI, came in useful here :slight_smile:



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hey, dope! that’s cool it that tweaky drum made it to an official release! :beers: Glad you’re enjoying using it!

Will definitely check this out and listen for the blip blops :upside_down_face:

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But I still remember your track (imho the best Techno track that has been posted in this forum), and this one seems to be the official successor. Sounds pretty similar. I really dig this style. Are there more tracks in this style?

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Hey thanks for the kind words TNT, appreciate that. And well spotted - for this new track I used almost the same modular patch for the main arp which I guess gives it that distinct sound. Not sure if there are more tracks in the same style, at least not that I can think of right now. Thanks for listening, cheers!