New track on Renoise

I would like to hear some advice on what to improve, what you don’t like here and there etc., what the track is lacking etc.

what you are missing out on: song and handclaps!

Personally, thank you for not using hand claps! I like the feel & sound that you brought, there are a lot of elements and frequency you combined together in ‘Years of Democracy’ without those elements overwriting and muting each other out- overall an energetic and very upbeat track, which was a nice change of pace for me. Just trim that empty tip at the end and I think it’s beautiful. -suggestion for this track, look up various game industry companies and see if they are sponsoring contests for back ground music in their games - this is totally complimentary - I think that it would be an awesome track to have in a puzzle or children’s game because of it’s energy. B)

For Wave to the Rave (Instrumental), were you thinking of adding some vocals to this track then? The only thing that I didn’t like but still felt it added a convenient element to the track, was the harsh, high pitched midi after the 3:00 minute mark - if you have a vocalist in mind that could help soften that midi pitch, I’d say the entire track would be perfect. Trim that blank section or add some reverb to carry the bass out for a nice finish. :walkman:

Thanks for the positive feedback! I actually wrote the entire high-pitched sound melody from the 2,5 minute for vocals but I hadn’t set up the audio interface/microphone till yesterday…