New Track "out Of Control"

Thought it might be a good idea to finally share a tune ive written using renoise :walkman:

Ive been using trackers for many years now, from the days of the amiga right up to recent times.
Been a “silent user” on renoise forum due to a general dislike of forums from past experience but
it seems ok here from what ive seen B)

Anyway enough waffle

Click Me

Any comments welcome !

Was a fun track to listen to! Thanks for sharing and keep up the excellent work. I remember using the old trackers back in amiga/dos. it sure was nice loading up renoise. like a little slice of the past, redefined and reborn… ahh, love it.

Just realised in my haste i uploaded a pre production version (DOH!)

final version now uploaded (same link as above)

this is some nice breakity acidy flow