New Track "Venom (Ft. Mayz22)"

Hi everyone,

From the SC description, “DnB with a nice verse from Mayz22. The original vocal was aimed at a hip-hop mix at 87bpm but you know me and my fast drums so its a 174 beat, double time. As usual all done with Renoise 2.5 on a Samsumg N110 netbook.”

Have fun!


Like. Cassete-recorder-noise is cool, Beat, Synthies, complement and complete voice. Nice I-dance-until-I-fall-over-backwards part from 2:50 till end.
Do not like: Room-like Hall on voice. Or is this just my crappy-crap speakers?


Cool - thanks for the feedback, much appreciated.

Good shout on the media embed, nice! The vocal effect is partly down to me experimenting but do try on decent headphones or the classic car stereo test :) I don’t have the luxury of mixing on monitors, so EQ’ing is a bit hit and miss hence why they are marked as WIPs at the moment.

Cheers for listening!