New Track

Here’s my newest track that I made in Renoise. It’s the shortest song I’ve ever composed but at the same time it’s the most complicated track I ever made.

It’s the first link listed at
It’s called “Look What I Can Do”

Let me know what you think

Heh you used a hihat as a melodic instrument nice touch :drummer:
Its a cool beat, but we need more! :)

hahaha thanks for the feedback. This was my first attempt at intelligent programming with renoise. So I decided to keep it only 64 steps long and quit while I was ahead. :lol: I read about the 0e0x and 0d0x commands and think I pretty much know how to program intelligent drill beats now.

Haha, that’s not a SONG! :D Very cool shit tho…

Heh, reminds me of ghetto body buddy by venetian snares.
That’s a compliment by the way :)

Reminds me a bit of Gershwin.
And indeed, we want more :)

let this pattern roll for four positions then add some distortion and modulating filters to the kickdrum and intruduce some low-pass depressive pads sometime lateron. repeat 8 times add some spice and you’re in for some wikked IDM…
…well almost at least ;)

Nice… this is really cool but short :)

Maybe something for a shorttrack compo… :rolleyes:

yeh, post weird beats !! :D

here’s mine… hehe…


Sweet. You know what’s going on! I’ll keep in touch. eeeyyyeee from and I are talking about a possible project featuring awesome short tracks. Maybe you’ll be interested in to be in it too.


lol :lol:

I’m a total renoisenoob … but I saw this beautiful nice program at mlon’s place.
It reminded me of the old (Scream-, Impulse-, Fast-, Other-)trackers and-, the oooh-aaah good-ol’-dosdays :yeah:

Even though I even had to install windows for it (I’m a 98% linux user), it’s all worth it! I guess I’ll be be using this Redmond-OS even more in the future! “renoise XP” it says in my grub-bootmenu!

Anyway… people are posting some freaky things here, got to do that too!

Check my first ever renoise eh… thing:

hey robotrobot, sounds nice, lemme know !

welcome aboard dear flark!

Shall teh Renoise be with u !