New Track

So this track is kinda different, and it represents my continued experimentation using my own vocals. I am a novice to begin with, but a total novice when it comes to processing vocals. I got some good advice on one of my earlier tracks about audio presence and applicable frequencies ranges for presence in vocals. So I tried to make use of that advice here. Anyway, feedback and/or advice is always appreciated, and, as always thanks for listening.

The bass track seems to have a dissonant note in its tone schedule. did you created it with headphones on?
If you shuffle your headphones a little before your ears, you may be able to distinguish it better. If it was created on purpose, then nothing said.

Definitely like the melody line.

I actually noticed it as well It was not intentional at first when I tweeked the patch, but then I realized I didnt really mind it. Although I realize it may be grating to some :) Thanks for listening and for the feedback.

I enjoyed the vocal chopping. I also agree, The melody is catchy. I didn’t mind the dissonant bass note. I personally would do something to make the bass crunchier or more prominent—basically to contrast against the clean-toned lead, but that’s my own taste…

Compositionally, this is quite good, and the chromaticism in the bass works to its advantage. However, the rising lead at about 3:05 is absolutely ear-piercing. I would fix that unless you want to deal pain to your listener.

Awesome. Thanks so much for the feedback and suggestions.